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    Iam Curtis - 30 years on

    Ian Curtis - 30 years on So...
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    What should JJ's next name be?

  3. snowfallsoon

    Star & Garter May 7th AKA "Yesitis' Birthday Celebration''

    The other guy who usually posts the S&G events probably wants you to go and buy Yesitis a drink, after all it will be his birthday.
  4. snowfallsoon

    Does anyone actually have a cardboard cut-out of Morrissey?

    Life size? Asking for a friend. Really.
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    Nancy Kerrigan's brother allegedly kills their father WOBURN, Mass. — Nancy Kerrigan's low-key family, which struggled with the attention brought on after an attack at a skating competition nearly derailed her Olympic dreams, has again been thrust into the...
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    Why Conan O'Brien should write for the Internet
  7. snowfallsoon

    pigsty tags

    I know we can say what we want there, but this does NOT apply to the tags there-is that correct?
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    Julie&Snow's Gardening Thread

    These aren't so 'old' but Kordes was the first breeder I started collecting. (I've moved on) Alchymist, Kordes, 1956 Rosarium Ueteresen, Kordes, 1977 Nymphenburg, Kordes, 1954 Lavender Lassie, Kordes, 1960
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    Rare self-rolling giant snow balls found in UK
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    The fighting here....I have a question

    I know we all get into it, but aren't there people you used to not like very much and argue with here and now like? Like, I used to really not like James Cagney but he's pretty funny and seems not to hold against me all the mean things I said to him. Sometimes I think if some of us knew each...
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    serious question

    can you post porn in chat? i'm asking this for a friend.
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    Hot guys from the 80's
  13. snowfallsoon

    I like Jesus

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    The 85 best Morrissey songs

    85. The Father Who Must Be Killed 84. Let me Kiss You 83. Life is a Pigsty 82. Friday Mourning 81. I Knew I was Next 80. I Am Two People 79. Ganglord 78. Sing Your Life 77. There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends 76. I'm the End of the Family Line 75. The Ordinary Boys 74...
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    seeking slim vegan morrissey fan - craigslist

    ad from craigslist. comments are pretty funny...
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    Anyone like The Parenthetical Girls?

    I've been listening to them, they're...different. Very good.
  17. snowfallsoon

    Parenthetical Girls, Xiu Xiu Cover Morrissey
  18. snowfallsoon

    F..k me, I'm twee!

    Ya, just found out.... Here are some bands I love-Monster Movie, Crayon Fields, Ballboy, Cat's on Fire, Headlights, Cocoanut Grove, (please don't get technical w/me if some of these aren't 100% twee) and a few others, Any more suggestions? Thanks!
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    The Biggest Story in my Town! A cat got rescued from a tree. Front page news. :crazy:
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