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    SBD Recording: Moz's First Gig - Wolverhampton '88

    I am not torrenting this since some of the show has been released officially. There seems to be so many issues with people being unable to deal with modern technology. I am unaware of this show being out there SBD-sourced. If you'd like this show, please shoot me a PM and we'll work it out...
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    TORRENT: The Smiths - Fighting Cocks, Birmingham - 3 June 1983

    Also known as "Reel Around the Fountain." It is up on . For those who don't know how to convert FLAC files on a PC (there appears to be quite a few), go here:
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    TORRENT: The Smiths - Camden Electric Ballroom - 21 May 1983

    Hey guys, I just put this up this morning. The Smiths Venue: Camden Electric Ballroom, London Date: 21 May 1983 Title: Swept Mystical Air Lineage: ? > CD-R from trade > .aif > xACT flac conversion (Level 8) 01 You've Got...
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    REQ: "Introducing Morrisey" VHS to DVD-R transfer?

    I saw clips of this for the first time on YouTube and was blown away. Does anyone have a DVD-transfer of this they can upload somewhere?
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    What Smiths Song Rocks the Hardest?

    My vote (today, anyways) goes to London.
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    What are the Southpaw Grammar Singles?

    What Singles were released at the time of Southpaw Grammar? I wanna grab all the B-sides and put 'em on a single disc.
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    DId Anyone Tape the Vienna, VA show?

    I know there is the low-rez stuff on YouTube, but it was the PERFECT place to tape a show. Good sound, no security we have a bootleg CD to look forward to?! Anyone?!?!
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    The Tour is BACK! Vienna, VA date NOT postponed!

    Thank GOD! Hopefully his voice has had plenty of rest and we won't have a short setlist. I can only pray! FYI, I have not seen a formal press release, but at, it specifically states, "Tonight's performance will take place as scheduled."
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    Moz and Johnny Thunders

    We all know Morrissey has always loved the New York Dolls and has covered several of their songs, but I am surprised he hasn't covered any solo Thunders yet (unless you count Subway Train, which was recorded by both The Dolls and Thunders-solo)! So many Thunders songs fit the Moz mold...
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