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    Beaumont, TX - Julie Rogers Theatre (May 25, 2014) post-show

    I am so happy to finally read positive comments. I will never understand the mugs who bitch about the set list, etc. I have always considered myself very lucky indeed to even attend a show. 30 plus shows and counting now and I have never been disappointed. I was at the Salt Lake City show on the...
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    Recommend something, anything

    Re: Recommend something, anything! I recommend considering taking a chance of meeting someone if the circumstances allow.
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    Name a song that plays and you think "Damn that's a beautiful song"

    'Across the universe'. The Fiona Apple version is really beautiful as well.
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    ANSWER then ASK

    A: vegetarian. With a promise to become vegan, but only if my heart is truly in it. If that makes sense. Q: When you need to get to sleep, are you able to clear your mind totally, or do you sing a song to yourself?
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    ANSWER then ASK

    My answer: My Generation Question: Blind or Deaf?
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    What did make you smile today?

    thanks Jen. Perspective and karma can both be a bitch. I hope all is well with you. I acted like a prat the last time we spoke, and I am still regretful for my words, I hope you can see it to forgive me. I wish you nothing but good things in life. Today, and always. C,
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    What did make you smile today?

    What made me smile today? Hours ago, I bought 2, Row CCC, Orchestra Pit, tickets to the SLC show. I was one of the many who were cancelled on not once, but twice last tour. (I had tickets for the Las Vegas show) But before any of you wish me luck with my refund when Moz cancels the show(s), know...
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    Does Morrissey have a secret ‘serious illness’? -

    There are so many reasons why the rumor itself is wrong. Most all have been covered and written about here, but I cant help but think that this entire thread, (the rumor and the reasons why we think its rubbish or valid), should have been completely ignored. Forget that it should have never been...
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    My Morrissey Tattoo

    Wow! Yet another genius. Thanks for contributing to the thread by the way. Oh right, you didn't. So unless you have an opinion other than what you think of me, (which I doubt), Kindly go f*** yourself.
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    My Morrissey Tattoo

    Wow! What a well thought-out, witty, and complex retort. Its so nice to know that you have a wealth of words at your disposal. Is this the point in the debate where I am supposed to write something crude and pointless about you? If it is, I'll pass as I have better things to do and am not an...
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    My Morrissey Tattoo

    Oh dear, here we go again. Every time someone starts a thread about getting a tattoo that pertains to Moz, or posts a picture of their tat, out come the geezers and the hypocrites ready to tell you how stupid you are for doing something so 'drastic and permanent', and offering their analogies...
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    Anyone notice a lot of women go for 'bad boy' types?

    Look man, of course its, 'not right', maybe even not fair, but it is what it is, like it or not. No one is telling you to be something that you are not, but its clear that you need to make some adjustments. Again. Quiet, nice, guys who can articulate themselves, express genuine emotions, dress...
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    Anyone notice a lot of women go for 'bad boy' types?

    Now that you have pin-pointed your inadequacies and realized that females want a strong, confident man, stop sobbing, grow yourself a pair of bollocks, stop writing what you already know, and ask a girl out! Remember my friend, the worst that can happen is she says no. If you have had no...
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    what are you eating right now

    Thai Coconut Soup. Whenever I feel a chill coming on, I make my 'sure fire cure-all'. Its my 'comfort food'. You can make a vegetarian version, but I make mine with: (for a large batch that will last one person a good long while) 1-1&1/2 lbs. Skinless Chicken- sliced into small bite sized pieces...
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    ANSWER then ASK

    A. Actually, Yes. In 6 days, I got a divorce, dodged an FBI investigation, and stopped drinking. Q. Ever intentionally ate at a restaurant and left without paying?
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    ANSWER then ASK

    A. My biggest regret would be not telling the people I love, that I love them, and not having told the people I loathe, that I hate them. Q. Have you ever pretended to have an accent, say an English one, and talked that way all night long?
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    Morrissey "not homosexual" - statement at

    Gay, straight, or otherwise, does it really matter? I think not. Who cares anyway? As long as Morrissey continues to sing and entertain, I could give a fiddler's fart what his sexual orientation is, and I know I cant be the only one who takes this stance.
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    If the boobs fit the woman, I could give a fiddlers fart if they are fake or real. Proportion. Small woman, small boobs, big woman, big boobs. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, no matter the chest. Not all men are transfixed on breasts.
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    THINGS others love, but NOT me Thread

    Re: THINGS others love, but NOT me... Thread I don't wear blue suede shoes, but some of the sneaker wearing gits I see daily, would look better if they wore them. No doubt some people can pull of sneaks/trainers, provided they have a sense of style, wear matching clothing, and never...
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