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    What Morrissey tattoo would you get?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I think i have a good question regarding you having a Morrissey tattoo. It could be a portrait of him, your favorite lyrics to one of his songs, anything. The tattoo would just appear on you, (no painful hour in a tattoo shop), and you can have it...
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    Morrissey at KROQ

    We all remember Morrissey's 3 song live thriller at legendary KROQ in Los Angeles right? (3, June 1991). I was rooting through a box of cassettes tonight and found my copy of the actual live performance I recorded with a shitty jam box and a brand new Memorex 60 minute cassette tape. The...
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    Attn: Doug? (Moz fan i met at Boise Hotel Bar)

    Hello. Please forgive me if your name is not Doug, but if you are reading this, you know who you are. Dear friend. Its Chris, the bartender from Boise Hotel. I decided to use Solo as I know you come here, & I had no other way of reaching you. I hope you see this. I was saddened that we...
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    feb 9th show in las vegas

    hello friends, i am a long time moz fan, and will be attending the show at the cosmopolitan in las vegas on feb. 9th. only problem is, i will be attending the show solo, and was wondering if anyone out there, (male or straight just so you know) would like to meet up at the cosmo...
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