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  1. TheLoop03

    Best version of Suedehead

    funny you should ask because I was in vinyl boutique last year and running the shop was a friend of Lyn's and we were talking about the your arsenal tour and she said that she was the girl in the video. And the reason she, Moz and the lads are all laughing because when they all were making it...
  2. TheLoop03

    Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

    I've been listening for a couple of months now and I love Morrisseys rockabilly influenced period especially the 91' tour with Boz Alain Day Cobrin
  3. TheLoop03

    Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

    Hi I'm new I first listened to Morrissey not the smiths when going through my dads old CDs and finding world of Morrissey and after whatever happens, I love you I was hooked
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