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  1. Joe Dolan

    Killarney tickets contest on Today FM now.

    They'll be giving away a pair of tickets for Killarney on Today FM within the next half hour or so. I've bought mine so won't be entering but though someone might be interested.
  2. Joe Dolan

    Damo on Moz

    Whilst browsing through a "newspaper" on my tea break, I noticed they had an interview with Damien Dempsey in a supplement. Being a bit of a fan, I had a read, when half way through I noticed this: 'His decade on top of the Irish music industry has seen Damien work with some pretty amazing...
  3. Joe Dolan

    Smilies(or lack thereof)

    Any chance of exapnding the range of smilies available. For instanece, I notice there is no winking smiley. I'm lost without it (insert winking smiley here)
  4. Joe Dolan

    Wanted: Satan rejected My Soul 12 inch vinyl

    reasonable prices please..
  5. Joe Dolan

    Attention Late Night Lurkers

    So, I see there's about the 10 or so people viewing the forum right now. What are you looking at? Is it late night where you are? Where are you? Me - I was checking to see if anyone had anymore info on the alleged gig in Wicklow. Its 01:36 here. I'm in Cork. I've also had one or two bevvies.
  6. Joe Dolan

    One Hyde Park Ticket - £35

    Bought a ticket when they went on sale just in case, and now definetely won't be going. Payment via Paypal please!
  7. Joe Dolan

    Cork travel info, accommodation etc.

    I'm just going to stick up some links regarding travel and transport details for Cork City for those going to the Marquee, partly because I'm trying to be helpful and partly because I'm at work and I'm avoiding doing any actual work. To get to the Marquee: Its about 30-40 minute walk from the...
  8. Joe Dolan

    1 standing ticket for Wednesday avaialble

    Have one spare ticket for tomorrow night as someone dropped out at the last minute. I have to collect it at box office tomorrow. Will arrange to meet for pick up. £25 - pm me if interested.
  9. Joe Dolan

    I think I am witnessing the death throes......

    s siteof this site.Minimal activity, and little original content- unfortunately this site is dying a s,loe death.
  10. Joe Dolan

    SHAMELESS is back

    1st week in January -rock on Tommy.
  11. Joe Dolan

    Whiskey's all gone..

    And I've hit the Port. Question - should I be worried?
  12. Joe Dolan

    Tommy Tiernan

    I sky +ed Tommy Tiernans latest DVD about trying to break the states the other night, but my box is actin' the bollix, so I couldn't watch it properly. There was one line that I'm gong to reproduce - I have it all wrong, and I'd appreciate the correct. Anyways, it went something like this (he...
  13. Joe Dolan

    Sweetie Pie lyrics

    Sweetie Pie I've fallen in love. And the joke is on me. And the sun's given up. I'm depending on you, To see I get safely too The port where my heart Is too lost to find. And will be there to meet you when its your time. Sweetie Pie I'm ending my life. Because I've fallen in love. And nothing...
  14. Joe Dolan

    Presale over but....

    I've still got the window open on my browser - and its letting me book tickets if i want. The name of the artist on the top of the pop up in window is not Morrissey, but the times dates and venues are the Moz gigs and the confirmation states the tickets booked were for Moz. This crowd are an...
  15. Joe Dolan

    Morrissey song used on movie trailer on TV3

    TV3 are using I Will See You in Far off Places as the background music to their trailer of the war film The Thin Red Line. Not huge news I know - but I got a pleasant surprise, nonetheless, as I was settling down to watch the Corrie episode I'd recorded earlier.
  16. Joe Dolan

    Morrissey to be interviewed on RTE 2 TV next week

    According to the programme listings my Sky planner next weeks "The Last Broadcast" with Dave Fanning includes an interview with Morrissey. The programme starts at 11.55pm Wednesday, 20th September on RTE 2 TV. I just switched tonights programme on to catch the end of the Youngest Was Te Most...
  17. Joe Dolan

    Morrissey and Anti-Facism

    I was reading the Morrissey wikipedia entry today (bored at work and skiving), and saw he was a signatory to the British anti-fascist organisation Unite against Fascism. The link to the list of signatories: I'm not surprised by this in the...
  18. Joe Dolan

    Unreleased track - Manchester Kids?

    Has anyone ever heard of a unreleased track called Manchester Kids? I saw this bootleg for sale on ebay: Track 14 on CD 1 is entitled Manchester...
  19. Joe Dolan

    The Smiths - Madrid 1985 video download,_spain_-_1985_mpg_the_smiths_madrid_1985_.htm This is not ripped from the torrent posted earlier. I downloaded this from soulseek a few years ago. The quality is ok, so its worth the download.
  20. Joe Dolan

    In the future when all's well enters Irish charts at...

    A disappointing no. 35.
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