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  1. desmoface

    Any Motorcyclists?

    Never been much of a Harley fan, but this one's got me bloody attention.. Anyone else out there ride?? Steve 05 ST3 00 sv6fity
  2. desmoface

    My first attempt at a video

    Hey gang, was playing with my Imac and started messin with Imovie. Pretty nice program; may have to get a camcorder someday. Here's me first bloody video, using our rescued dog as the theme. WOOHOO!! Steve
  3. desmoface

    any tea fans?

    Hey you crazy kids, you. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I loves me bloody tea. Of course, I don't know much about the sport of tea drinking..I usually just drink the generic Lipton. So, I ordered a catalog from this place...
  4. desmoface

    Rock On Chicago
  5. desmoface

    Check these guys out

    Recorded this off of the local Cleveland, Ohio college station..Not too bad, me thinks. The name of the band is "The Afternoon Naps", the song is called "I am falling now". Steve
  6. desmoface

    MP3 Editor Fun

    Just the results of me messing with me bloody new mp3 editor..Even has a cameo appearance by Moz..Tis rated "r" for mature language and content hehe. Steve
  7. desmoface

    check this out

    Ok, there is a band in Columbus, very obscure..they are 2 little have to listen to their song "rocks n penalties", seems to be inspired by the smiths/moz. I caught it on a local college radio can download the show here..Oh, the band is called "shisho". Here's the dl...
  8. desmoface

    Got me bloody Tattoo (pics)

    OUCHINGS!!!! So, I got the talkin part done yesterday..Got the bidness part done today..Felt like he used a bloody soldering iron..when he was done, my arm felt like hamburger..He did say that the inner arm was a tad bit sensitive when it comes to tattoos..I have to agree.. Steve...
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