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  1. elephant6ers

    Parlophone mystery on Morrissey catalogue

    I know Morrissey early album releases were re-issued on CD on the Parlophone label in the mid 90s. But were LPs like Kill Uncle , Viva Hate etc re-issued on Parlophone on vinyl ? If so, how come I have never seen one on vinyl for sale! How rare are these? If this is not a myth, does anybody...
  2. elephant6ers

    There is a light that never goes out 7" New

    Seems like the bootleggers finally made a repro of this fine piece of vinyl. Sad...
  3. elephant6ers

    Promo T shirt wanted

    Hey...everybody, just wandering if anyone has a SOUTHPAW GRAMMAR PROMO T SHIRT(blue with Dagenham Dave on front.) and don't mind parting with it please let me know. I 've wanted it for the longest time...maybe we can even do a trade, I have some rare Smiths tees from way back and I keep them...
  4. elephant6ers

    Certain People I Know promo sleeve question

    Hi experts and friends, can I know if this particular promo sleeve for the 7" is a 'scoop neck' cut sleeve or straight cut?? I thought it was a straight cut til I saw this auction ...
  5. elephant6ers

    The Queen Is Dead LP with alt poster?

    Has anybody seen this auction on ebay # 200373307225 ? Link : The LP is packaged with this smaller sized poster, an alt...
  6. elephant6ers

    Trade: I want your original Smiths or Morrissey shirts

    Hiya. I would love to add ORIGINAL Smiths or Morrissey tee shirts to my collection. In return, I offer these items below as trade. I need mediums or larges and good condition ones please. Especially looking for This charming man, Sheila take a bow, Bigmouth strikes again, Queen is dead...
  7. elephant6ers

    Is this real?

    I just need some opinions from veteran collectors, thanks. ~T link:
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