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  1. mozlover

    Moz Airbrushed jacket for sale

    Not sure if any of you are interested but i'm selling this...
  2. mozlover

    Moz on yahoo cheesiest singers list!

    This guy is such an idiot. He picks moz as the #7 cheesiest singer but yet puts louder than bombs as a top album of all time?
  3. mozlover

    excellent stuff on ebay!

  4. mozlover

    Star plaza Upgrades!!!

    Hey, for anyone unfortunate like myself to have gotten a not so great seat, I just got back from the star plaza to pick up my ticket at will call, someone had mentioned it and so i gave it a shot. I asked the guy if i could upgrade my seat, he said yes i could . So I upgraded for free to 3rd...
  5. mozlover

    Morrissey star plaza tix 25 each!!!!

    Alright I have up to 4 Morrissey tickets Row E Center section for sale for 25 bucks each. If you want them, we can meet at the show to exchange. I really really need to get rid of these.
  6. mozlover

    Morrissey Local crew jacket on ebay

    This is pretty neat. I've never seen one like it.
  7. mozlover

    Merrillville tix for sale

    I possibly have 2 or 4 tix available for merrillville, indiana, just wondering if anyone would be interested.
  8. mozlover

    What the heck??

    I was just watching Conan O'brien and some guy was singing this I would call it jazz version of "Stop me if you think you've heard this one before" Who is this guy? I did not like it at all, I wonder what Moz thinks of it.
  9. mozlover

    Extremely pissed off!

    I'm so mad, When I bought my ticket for the star plaza the best seat I got was like like 20th row , now all of the sudden they have 6th row on there. What the heck is up with this, GOd am I mad.
  10. mozlover

    Star plaza Tiki bar

    So just to let you all know, Incase anyone is interested in getting a drink after the show. There's a cute little tiki bar inside of the hotel at the star plaza. Very quaint. Or there's a bit louder Irish pub attached aswell, i'm sure everybody will crowd in there.
  11. mozlover

    You guys have to check this out omggg

    This is hillarious, I wonder what moz would think of this.
  12. mozlover

    recordings with slaughter and the dogs help!

    Does anyone possibly the name of the lp morrissey recorded with slaughter and the dogs? Or know the name of the lp he recorded with the nosebleeds? I am extremely interested in hearing these things. If anyone can help with any info on these things, I would be much obliged! :confused:
  13. mozlover

    ebay & The chicago show

    I bought 2 sets of really , really good seats on ebay within the past couple weeks. I got them both for way below face value, actually it was like buy one ticket get one free. This is the cheapest I have ever paid to see him. I was very pleased with this, but kind of dissapointed to see that...
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