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  1. mozlover

    Moz Airbrushed jacket for sale

    I am desperate! I'm making like 100 bucks a week , i've got a ton of bills and nobody I know has money. I doubt i'm even getting anything for christmas LOL.
  2. mozlover

    Moz Airbrushed jacket for sale

    I just hate to get rid of it! Breaks my heart truly. I really , really need the money . I've just got my hours at cut from 35 to 16 per week!! I've been sending out resumes like crazy with no responses. Just trying to look to whats more important, it sucks because it really is my most cherished...
  3. mozlover

    Moz Airbrushed jacket for sale

    Not sure if any of you are interested but i'm selling this...
  4. mozlover

    Moz on yahoo cheesiest singers list!

    This guy is such an idiot. He picks moz as the #7 cheesiest singer but yet puts louder than bombs as a top album of all time?
  5. mozlover

    Chicago Morrissey/Smiths night

    I'm going to try to make it to this one, I missed the last one. I caught one at Neo once and once at this little tiny place with a ton of toys decorating the bar.
  6. mozlover

    Didn't Someone Have a Brownie Camera in NYC???

    wow these photos are beautiful
  7. mozlover

    if you could change ONE thing about morrissey..........

    Yeah, i'd convince him into becomming lads with his old chum Johnny!
  8. mozlover

    Seems Miami is Cancelled and Mozza is sick

    He's a strong person to have made it this long. I thought for sure he was cancelling that show in merrillville when I got a call from my bf who was working the show that "morrissey was sick" I thought i was about to die, i can't even imagine how everybody down in florida is feeling right now ...
  9. mozlover

    Dream Morrissey novelty items

    Probably one of those body pillows with a really nice picture of him on it, maybe with him holding flowers or something
  10. mozlover

    Reward: name the line crashers

    I think mozza gave us the flu! I ended up sick the next day after I seen him in merrillville and was fairly close, That was the first day he said he was not feeling well. I'll deal with it for him, it was worth it!
  11. mozlover

    Dream support?

    ohh I love the pipettes! I just missed them here in chicago too, i didn't even know they were playing
  12. mozlover

    Dream support?

    Oh here's a "Dream support" act for you how about Modest Mouse!!! Hahahahah-----> In your dreams mozlover!;)
  13. mozlover

    Morrissey-July 17, 2004-Chicago HOB

    You know what corrissey, they actually played that about 2 years ago also, I listened to the whole thing it was awsome. Were you at that show? It was so great, i'd have to say that was my favorite show but merrillville topped it.
  14. mozlover

    excellent stuff on ebay!

  15. mozlover

    Dream support?

    Liz Frazer from cocteau twins singing solo , Depeche mode! or Erasure
  16. mozlover

    Temple Effective's Morrissey Tee

    where do you buy that, i like it alot
  17. mozlover

    Top 10 Favorite Bands or Singers

    :eek: 1.Morrissey 2.Smiths 3.Depeche Mode 4.Erasure 5.Cocteau twins 6.Lush 7.New order 8.Pale saints 9.Chris Issak 10.Christian Death!
  18. mozlover

    current set list

    Speaking of setlists! My boyfriend works the stage at the star plaza and what do you know he came home last night and brought me a setlist that was left onstage that was found underneath something when he was cleaning! It's not much , but it means alot to me to have a piece of that show...
  19. mozlover

    Merrillville Indiana 2007

    Wow Corrissey, you got some awsome pictures! Here's one of my friend at the end stage diving! You can see Moz in the right corner leaving the stage.
  20. mozlover

    Official Merrillville Show Roll Call!

    We really should of done thing badge thing.
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