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  1. marisela

    it's not unusual to be loved by anyone!?!

    Tom Jone!? Okayyyy :squiffy:
  2. marisela

    Just this

    I'd just like to say that I truly believe Morrissey to be a true Artist. He has mastered his Mind, Body and Soul. All to his satisfaction. Which is fine. No one has a right to tell him any differantly. He is a kind caring man. what shows me this is his fighting will to have freedom,his love for...
  3. marisela

    when you know a tidle wave is about to hit!

    There is going to be some trouble!** The whole house will need rebulding***:drama:
  4. marisela


    Hello Can anybody help to find my journal? I had it under my favorits. Now It is set to the main page:blushing:
  5. marisela


    Hello everyone: I just wanted to 1.ask about the chatroom! Where is it? was it removed? and I also wanted to say Thank you for this private messege sent to me. I tried to get back and say Thank you.. only because it is energy sent. See I have not logged in here for ages! I try to come by I...
  6. marisela

    I just had to post it here!

    This was just to funny.... MEXICAN WORDS FOR THE DAY! Mexican word of the day is: MUSHROOM Orale vato, when me and my whole family get in the car, there's not too “MUSHROOM"!! Mexican Word for the day is : CHICKEN My wife wanted me to go to the store for her, pero...
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