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  1. Light Housework


    This thread is to be mainly memoir related. It can be about your own memoir, or someone else's, or even a biography. It can be any type of media that is compatible with this site. Audio, video, writing, photos, artwork, rant, stream of consciousness, diary, etcetera.
  2. Light Housework

    Painting and Drawing

    This thread is for people who like painting and drawing. I finished this piece this morning, with @Untruth helping me challenge myself to learn how to do it.
  3. Light Housework

    True Stories

    You can use any medium, text, video, audio.
  4. Light Housework

    What are you ashamed of?

    I had two abortions. One when I was 16 and one when I was 18. The first one I had because the guy had given me syphilis and lied about it. I just wanted to be clean of him. The second one I had was because the guy had lied and lied about having cheated on me. He only admitted to it after I had...
  5. Light Housework

    What are you watching on tv?

    I'm watching 48 hours - obsessed
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