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  1. Guillaume Métayer


    CHICAGO - DEC 17TH I am looking for 2 standing tickets for this Morrissey gig. Price is not a problem ;) Email me ;) [email protected]
  2. Guillaume Métayer

    2 spares ticket for dunoon available

    I have 2 spare standing tickets for DUNOON MP or [email protected] if interested (Tix in hands, I can send them or give them in person, I'll be in Dunoon too)
  3. Guillaume Métayer

    2 copenhahen orchestra tickets needed

    I can swap them with 2 front row I've ib hands (row1) in the Parket area (terrace - just behind Orchestea area) I can pay more too !! Mp or [email protected]
  4. Guillaume Métayer

    Updated YouTube Morrissey channel, MySpace and official site

    Morrissey Youtube channel and Myspace have been updated : The official site has also been updated:
  5. Guillaume Métayer

    Grimsby Auditorium has changed date to June 28th

    GRIMSBY SEEMS TO BE POSTPONED Update Apr. 14, 2011, 9:25 AM PT. Note from Ents24: Ents24 aren't the only suppliers of tickets for that event, so telling fans to send all tickets back to one location is erroneous. The best move for those affected is to check which company provided them the...
  6. Guillaume Métayer

    Req: qonox Life is a Pigsty remixes

    Hi, I had 2 "Life Is A Pigsty" remixes made by qonox, the neorealistic one and another one with italian voices (which are from the Fellini's Dolce Vita movie). Could anyone send me this second version ? Thanks : [email protected]
  7. Guillaume Métayer

    Morrissey on Twitter ??? (not another one pleeeeeeeease)

    Seen here : But it seems it doesn't work !!
  8. Guillaume Métayer

    Official : Paris & Lille gigs postponed

    I just received an email from NOUS PRODUCTIONS, the company organizing the Morrissey gigs in France. It says, I translate : MORRISSEY TOUR OF REFUSAL 2009 (FRANCE) Morrissey has to cancel his gigs in Paris (June 2 Grand Rex) and Lille (June 3 Aéronef). Morrissey is on doctor’s...
  9. Guillaume Métayer

    Brixton Academy on 28th May cancelled.

    FROM OFFICIAL MORRISSEY SITE BRIXTON ACADEMY MAY 28TH SHOW CANCELLED 27/05/09 Regrettably Morrissey’s show at London’s O2 Brixton Academy on Thursday 28th May has been cancelled. Morrissey is on continued doctor’s orders not to sing, to ensure a complete recuperation. Event Organizers...
  10. Guillaume Métayer

    LUXEMBURG Tickets on sale NOW

    It was SOLD OUT but new tickets on sale here :
  11. Guillaume Métayer

    Dundee // spares tickets 25£ each

    AVAILABLE 1 Standing Ticket for STIRLING I got 1 spare ticket for the standing floor. Stirling (sold out) : May 4 I got 2 spares for the standing floor. Dundee (sold out) : May 5 If interested [email protected] Tickets in hand. Cheers.
  12. Guillaume Métayer

    Happy new YOR !!

    Just wanted to wish you an Happy New YOR *:) or just happy new year Sorry for that pun :) 2009 year of YOR !! XXX
  13. Guillaume Métayer

    WTF is that ?? Roundhouse reshedulded ???

    It is a false link to take your money I guess ??
  14. Guillaume Métayer

    Are Moz and crew and buses ... in Doncaster ?

    Some news about what happen there ?? IS IT ALL SETUP ?
  15. Guillaume Métayer

    Free Aftershow Paris - Olympia Hall / 4th Feb. 2008 ... les détails !

    The Morrissey French fans forum ( organizes an Aftershow on the 4th of February 2008. IT IS FREE ENTRANCE Here the flyer and map : or Cheers Guillaume
  16. Guillaume Métayer

    Unlucky fans ... COME HERE IN FRANCE ! It is a nice country, and the ticket prices are really cheap !!!
  17. Guillaume Métayer

    ON SALE /1 STANDING Ticket (NYC oct 23rd)

    Hello, I have 1 standing floor ticket to sell for the 2nd night in New York (Hammerstein Ballroom) : 23rd of october. Email me if interested : [email protected] Cheers
  18. Guillaume Métayer

    5 DAYS PASS !!!! Got it !!!

    New York j'arrive !!!! Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss
  19. Guillaume Métayer

    Could I get the lyrics of ALL YOU NEED IS ME

    Could I get the lyrics of ALL YOU NEED IS ME ?? Thanks a lot if you could send the lyrics of that song here : [email protected] I will appreciate
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