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  1. Guillaume Métayer


    GOT THEM They are on sale again from the venue :
  2. Guillaume Métayer


    CHICAGO - DEC 17TH I am looking for 2 standing tickets for this Morrissey gig. Price is not a problem ;) Email me ;) [email protected]
  3. Guillaume Métayer

    Chicago Ticket

    I sent you an email. Cheers
  4. Guillaume Métayer

    2 copenhahen orchestra tickets needed

  5. Guillaume Métayer

    I do all the scandinavian dates, and Warsanw and Eindhoven.

    I do all the scandinavian dates, and Warsanw and Eindhoven.
  6. Guillaume Métayer

    2 spares ticket for dunoon available

    I have 2 spare standing tickets for DUNOON MP or [email protected] if interested (Tix in hands, I can send them or give them in person, I'll be in Dunoon too)
  7. Guillaume Métayer

    2 copenhahen orchestra tickets needed

    I can swap them with 2 front row I've ib hands (row1) in the Parket area (terrace - just behind Orchestea area) I can pay more too !! Mp or [email protected]
  8. Guillaume Métayer

    scandinavian roll call

    Copenhagen I am looking for ORCHESTRA tickets (standing), I have front row tickets on terrace (PARKET) area. MP if interested. I can pay more ...
  9. Guillaume Métayer

    Updated YouTube Morrissey channel, MySpace and official site

    Morrissey Youtube channel and Myspace have been updated : The official site has also been updated:
  10. Guillaume Métayer

    Grimsby Auditorium has changed date to June 28th

    GRIMSBY SEEMS TO BE POSTPONED Update Apr. 14, 2011, 9:25 AM PT. Note from Ents24: Ents24 aren't the only suppliers of tickets for that event, so telling fans to send all tickets back to one location is erroneous. The best move for those affected is to check which company provided them the...
  11. Guillaume Métayer

    Does Anybody know why the Grimsby Date has been changed to the 28th?

    IT SEEMS TO BE POSTPONED EMAIL FROM ENTS24 We've been informed that due to unavoidable scheduling issues MORRISSEY at Grimsby Auditorium, Grimsby 24/06/2011 has changed date. The event will now take place on TUESDAY 28/06/2011. The tickets will remain valid for the new date or if you prefer...
  12. Guillaume Métayer

    "Glamorous Glue" promo 7'' on eBay

    Come on £ 62 for a promo like that ??? It's really a CON !!:crazy:
  13. Guillaume Métayer

    Pre-order album/single bundles at

    Don't know if it's still working but I ordered few copies with a voucher on site site. Type BUDGETBUSTER and save money :)
  14. Guillaume Métayer

    2011 Tour

    I know I know ! I attended dozens of Moz gigs and bought so many tix from all these tic sites. And I never really had bad experience. I always managed quite well, but if I can avoid collect box office I prefer. I never had problems with TM, fingers crossed then. I will see in few days anyway.;)
  15. Guillaume Métayer

    2011 Tour

    I agree but this company usually send tickets abroad, that's not always the case for Gigs&tour or Seetickets. And you know that when you queue all day, collect at the box office sucks right ???
  16. Guillaume Métayer

    Morrissey and Marr support the League Against Cruel Sports

    100% agree with the 2 men. Hunting is not sport !! Hunting is for alcoholic retarded people.
  17. Guillaume Métayer

    Req: qonox Life is a Pigsty remixes

    Hi, I had 2 "Life Is A Pigsty" remixes made by qonox, the neorealistic one and another one with italian voices (which are from the Fellini's Dolce Vita movie). Could anyone send me this second version ? Thanks : [email protected]
  18. Guillaume Métayer

    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    I agree with you. When we do a list we can leave few times for a coffee or a snack but not longer than 30 minutes. Usually the 20 first people of a list stay all day long standing in front of the venue and for 10 hours. What you describe (put your name in the morning then come back 30 minutes...
  19. Guillaume Métayer

    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    Don't generalize !! I am French and I think I know how queing, sorry !! And I did gigs in Scandinavia, if you consider Danmark and Sweden, as scandinavian countries. Yes, no, maybe ?? And I promise there were some lists at some gigs. I remember Boras this year and it has been perfectly managed...
  20. Guillaume Métayer

    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    I absolutely agree with you as I and my fellows Aub & Nico joined the queue at RAH at 6.30 in the morning. This is a perfect "rule" to respect the rank in line. I also thanks the people who do these lists on tour. I am sometimes one of them when I am the first. It is not rare but many Brits...
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