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  1. CrookedLittleVein

    Morrissey's Finger 'Remains Broken'! Source: TTY

    That's because he's Morrissey, not Wolverine. :rolleyes:
  2. CrookedLittleVein

    One wonders, what would Morrissey have done?

    Rock band the Kings of Leon have been forced to end a concert early after pigeons defecated on them from the rafters of a US venue. The rockers abandoned the gig in St Louis after three songs when bass player Jared Followill was hit in the mouth and face by pigeon droppings. Drummer Nathan...
  3. CrookedLittleVein

    Harvey Pekar Dies

    :( Don't know if this is of any interest to Morrissey fans. Very sad. Curmudgeonly explorer (and exploder) of the everyday... ... hmm, sounds familiar.
  4. CrookedLittleVein

    Morrissey and Rick Astley (scroll down a bit) :eek:
  5. CrookedLittleVein

    Linder on Woman's Hour shortly. BBC Radio 4.

    "Punk icon and performance artist Linder brings her 13 hour show, The Darktown Cakewalk: Celebrated From the House of Fame to London. A study of glamour, performance, judgement and commercialisation – it’s almost an animation of the collages she’s famous for. She talks to Jane about the...
  6. CrookedLittleVein

    Viva Hake Well, I thought it was funny. :o
  7. CrookedLittleVein

    Probably nothing

    ... but Morrissey played Caird Hall Dundee on 5th May 2009. The Clash played Caird Hall Dundee 18th January 1980. 18th January 1980 is the date you arrive at if you add 20 years, 7 months and 27 days onto Morrissey's date of birth. I know Rogan claimed Morrissey was at home reading The...
  8. CrookedLittleVein

    Desert Island Discs preview on Radio 4

    I've just heard a little snippet of the Morrissey-featuring Desert Island Discs. Very short. Last of the Famous International Playboys in the background. Morrissey talking about Johnny Marr appearing at his door all those years ago. Kirsty asks him what Johnny said. "He said, 'I've...
  9. CrookedLittleVein

    Old Billy Tune

    Probably already mentioned, but 'Old Billy Tune' on Alain's MySpace page is crying out for a Morrissey vocal/lyric. Love it. Does anyone know if Alain is still writing with Morrissey or is the whole thing still shrouded in the shroudy shrouds of mystery?
  10. CrookedLittleVein

    Morrissey on Radio 4 'The Secret World'

    Sort of. On BBC Radio 4 at the moment. Actually very funny. Not entirely accurate but they've captured the softness of his voice and the very deliberate way he speaks. I'm sure it will be available on Listen Again. EDIT: Now available on iplayer...
  11. CrookedLittleVein

    Unused Album Art

    Has anybody got any examples of art for Morrissey or Smiths releases that were never used, or images Morrissey had wanted to use or had shown an interest in but had never quite got round to using? Cheers.
  12. CrookedLittleVein

    Would You Dare?

    As much as I love 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris', it always seems to me to be one verse short. Would any of you singer/songwriters out there dare to pen an additional verse?
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