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  1. Sharron Needles

    ISO audio from Inverness

    Anyone have a link to an audio boot for the recent Inverness gig, or know of any that might be coming to light? I can't manage to find any, but thought this was the most cracking gig, so someone must have taped? Anyone?
  2. Sharron Needles

    Mozzer attacked by dog! But is okay supposedly.... Remember this nasty dog attack?
  3. Sharron Needles

    R.I.P. Poly Styrene

  4. Sharron Needles

    the UK Papal visit

    What a load of shit!!!:crazy:
  5. Sharron Needles

    Req: Dublin National Stadium 23/11/09

    I have been meaning to ask if there's any recording of this gig circulating yet? It was one of the best of the year, and there's hardly any YouTube clips either. Anyone kind enough to upload this show if you have it? Surely someone must have recorded it?
  6. Sharron Needles

    New Portishead track

    If anyone is interested, there's a new Portishead track available to download from Amnesty International. There's a video of it as well, which you can watch here:
  7. Sharron Needles

    Pixies "Doolittle Tour"

    Anyone else going? Got my tix for Glasgow this morning. Can't wait, since this is one of the landmark albums of all time IMO, and I haven't had a chance to see them since the Trompe Le Monde tour in 91...
  8. Sharron Needles

    Rimini roll call

    Who is going to the Italian gigs? Been to Italy about 6 times, but not ever been to Rimini, so just wondering what else is there to do here besides the gigs? Out of the five days we are there, we will probably only stay in Rimini one night since we'll mainly be in Tuscany, but during the day...
  9. Sharron Needles

    Request: Berlin

    Does anyone have a quality boot of Berlin from last month? Apologies if There has been anything posted, but I have been really busy, and when I have not been busy, I have been extremely lazy. Thanks!:thumb:
  10. Sharron Needles

    Morrissey now on Twitter (not really)

    Uh huh..... :crazy:
  11. Sharron Needles

    ISO: video of Shoreline Amp. Halloween 1991

    HI, does anyone have the video of the Shoreline Amphitheater, California, from 31/10/91, or can anyone point me in the direction where I can dl it, because it's still not on any of the regular boot sites? The last time I watched it years ago, the guy was reluctant to copy it for me and I didn't...
  12. Sharron Needles

    Omagh Rollcall

    Omagh info please What the hell is there to do here? We have been trying to figure it out, and so far have come up with: 1)Nothing, and try to get to Belfast ASAP. Any other suggestions?:thumb:
  13. Sharron Needles

    Which Walkers would you vote for?

    What the f*** is a Cajun Squirrel anyways?
  14. Sharron Needles

    Best love/sex scene in a film

    We have threads about films, but let's just get straight to the point. What do you think is best best love or sex scene in a film? Because let's face it, we all like to watch right? I would probably off the top of my head say one would be The Hunger. I mean, it may seem a bit lesbian-chic...
  15. Sharron Needles

    Which planet is Emma1979 from

    Please vote now. Emma cannot vote.
  16. Sharron Needles

    RIP Lux Interior

  17. Sharron Needles

    2 major animal welfare issues are passed in Ca. and Ma. elections

    With the disappointment that is looming after what looks like the passage of Prop 8 in California, there are at least two propositions that have passed that deal with improving animal welfare. Prop 2 in California has passed, which will outlaw inhumane conditions and treatment of animals on...
  18. Sharron Needles

    Northerners have way more shit on their hands!

  19. Sharron Needles

    ISO: Smoking Popes Hollywood May 2006 audio

    Hey, does anyone have a recording of this gig, or know where I can get it. It was from May 27, 2006 at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. They did two gigs: an early set, and a late set. I'm particularly looking for the late set. Cheers!
  20. Sharron Needles

    Favourite of the new (post-ROTT) songs so far

    Well, we have heard quite a few new songs since ROTT was released, so which one is your favorite so far? I do understand that some of them have not seen proper studio versions yet, but it's fairly safe to say you can still know how much you like the live version.
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