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  1. the raytownian

    Subvert City (The Punk Thread)

    I realize not everyone here necessarily enjoys Punk music, but since it's clear there hasn't been a thread for discussing it and sharing music here in a while (I didn't find one for several pages, anyway), I figure I ought to make one. I'd like to make this as inclusive as possible, as I like a...
  2. the raytownian

    "World Peace..." review by Michael Alarcon - Outsideleft

    Sheesh. If they're gonna trash the album, they could at least have some balls about it and say Morrissey should be held accountable for his own creative decisions... especially considering this is some of the most adventurous and interesting MUSIC the band's come up with in a long time.
  3. the raytownian

    The Benjamin Smoke/"Smoke" appreciation thread

    Anyone else a fan? I feel ashamed to say I only discovered Smoke maybe a couple of years ago. Being a native southerner, I feel like I ought to have been aware of Ben Smoke and his band much sooner. If you're not familiar, here's a couple of songs from the first Smoke album: Some time last...
  4. the raytownian

    Have A.R. Kane been namedropped in some dumb, trendy digital music rag recently?

    I am too square for your f***ing loops, so I am not in them, which means I don't know what the f***'s going on in popular culture. Basically, I've noticed a lot of people downloading their music from me on Soulseek recently, and I'm just curious why people seem to be suddenly interested in this...
  5. the raytownian


    Anyone using it? Wanna let me queue 50 albums at once? I am particularly interested in using Soulseek more since crap gets taken down off the 'net constantly (thinking of those unmixed Rock Band tracks). I seriously haven't got shit anyone here would want/doesn't already have (considering...
  6. the raytownian

    REQ: Higher Rank

    Can someone upload this to a hosting site that's actually still running (BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!)? I would be incredibly grateful... Even more so if you can offer it in FLAC (or just not a crummy Windows Media Player MP3 rip, because those always have gaps in the tracks). The only download...
  7. the raytownian

    Question about the production of "Mute Witness"

    I only just realized that the choir-like synth sounds a good deal like Morrissey's voice with a flute laid over it. More specifically, it sounds like his voice was sampled to be used for a vocal synth pad. Anyone ever notice this (I only just did!)? Anyone able to confirm this theory...
  8. the raytownian

    Dif Juz...

    Since I found my way to the Durutti Column throguh Dif Juz when I started using lastfm, thren saw the dc threas gere, i was wondering if anybody liked them I think they were amazing, an I am quite surpised at their relative obscurirty, canyou recommend other band./artists like dif juz? thanks...
  9. the raytownian

    Anyone else think Lady Gaga is some bullshit?

    Seriously, eff this girl. Sorry if it's all been said and done before I showed up here, and I'm sure it has been, but dammit, I feel like venting my disgust. Try to do something other than putting your favorite 80's freak-artists, gay cultural references/pandering, and the occasional nod to...
  10. the raytownian

    Best non-album Morrissey and Smiths bootleg albums? Worst studio boots?

    What do you feel are some of the best bootleg live recordings of Moz and The Smiths in terms of packaging* and fidelity? How about compilations of rarities/B-sides/unreleased stuff? What boots reproduce these recordings most faithfully, assuming thy can be heard in more places than one? What...
  11. the raytownian

    Any Morrissey ever officially released on MD?

    As someone with a fondness for novel, obscure, and "obsoleted" formats*, I am curious about whether or not he's had anything put out on MiniDisc. I know it's a common format, but, much like LD, it was never very popular in America, so both are pretty obscure and scarcely seen in thrift stores...
  12. the raytownian

    Anyone know the bootleg label (if any?) behind this old Smiths s/t tape?

    All I have to go on is their logo and catalog #, and I see nothing online when searching: It's a pretty blatantly obvious unofficial release, but I can't figure anything out beyond that... I'd like to know because I am very anal about cataloging my collection on Discogs (Smiths stuff in...
  13. the raytownian


    For some reason, I've never bothered to register here until today. Well, I'm here now. :)
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