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  1. One of your children

    Another Bowie request - remixes

    My partner said hes got them all hes got every single track ever done unless theres something that was done and only bowies got hes got surround recordings quad u name it,but he dont bore me with so alls good : )
  2. One of your children

    Your Morrissey shrine

    My music studio canvas : )
  3. One of your children

    How many of you are vegetarians?

    I only eat chicken! I can make 100s of dishes with it! and i like it. But i dont eat any thing with 4 legs! So i guess iam 3/4 veggie lmao : )
  4. One of your children

    Friendly Fires

    I see them last week in oxford street hmv they are really good i got my promo 10" vinyl signed and had a little chat with them and got our cds signed and got there new double cd for £5 as i had the first cd release with me : ) paris is the only track iam not to keen on but the rest of the album...
  5. One of your children

    "Not Again!" Mozzer's Sexuality

    Iam with u there lol ....................................... :thumb: We all know hes _ _ _ Hes just more moody and butch these days lol :)
  6. One of your children

    Morrissey played on tonights corry street

    Please please let me get what i want was played in a emotional scene just now,i dont watch corrination street but was on in the back ground,go on itv catch up in a few hours and u can watch it! :)
  7. One of your children

    Friendly fires

    Good group from st Albans,they are playing in there home town(sold out) in september but ill be in barbados,but first chance i get i will be seeing them live! :) check them out!
  8. One of your children

    Morrissey's aftershave?

    I thought it was called Come 2 me ..... but it don't smell like cum to me?
  9. One of your children

    I'm against The Smiths reunion because...

    Amen!!! And iam against it because i like marmite :) :p
  10. One of your children

    Eavis "working on" The Smiths for Glastobury 2010

    Yep!!! to go see the smiths Perform live would be Super! but i dont think morrissey can hit them notes no more like back in the day which is only natural hes 50, and to sing a whole smiths set in the way he does the odd smith track now would not be the best way to remember the smiths? who...
  11. One of your children

    Morrissey Dreams

    Had my first a few days ago. I was at a gig and he was singing "i have forgiven in jesus",i was at the front but far right of the stage were there was a small bit that curvered round into the crowd,he croutched down looked right at me and sung the chrous he put his hand out just for me and the...
  12. One of your children

    Michael Jackson RIP

    Ive read some shity nasty comments about mj's death but all i can say to that is when its morrisseys turn people will have a field day with piss takes so what comes around goes around! i can think of a few and iam a fan lol!
  13. One of your children

    Will Moz mention or dedicate a song to M Jackson tonight?

    So true she is only praised for being a goody goody! shes as bad as mad donna! if shit was fashionable she would sing about it! i hear mad donna wants first dibbs on jordans first child now that shes split with pete lol
  14. One of your children

    The Morrissey Michael Jackson Phenomenon

    Yeah R.I.P Michael iam not a huge fan but my partner got hold of some 02 tour tickets and i was going as it would of been a piece of history but was not to be! Off the wall and Thriller in my eyes were his best works.
  15. One of your children

    If u like underground beats

    lol yeah its based on new york club kids ,freaks, leigh bowery style glam punk blitz kids new romantics lol so will be very colourfull! :) and a extra pound if u dont make the effort lmao
  16. One of your children

    If u like underground beats

    U can find me D.J I.S playing here.
  17. One of your children

    Morrissey Friends

    Most of my friends know of him and say hes cool or hes alright but not my sort of thing,my partner likes him but hes a bowie fan when it comes to that sort of music. iam surrounded by underground music lovers(Me being a DJ of that scene) but they all have a love for indie bands from the 80s and...
  18. One of your children

    How do you rate Years Of Refusal, now?

    Skull/ paris/ thats how/and birthday are the only ones i tend to play off this album. For me Quarry is untouched and i dont think it can be beaten? but thats just my point of veiw and to be honest who really cares what i say lol :thumb:
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