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  1. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Stalls Ticket - Brixton

    Got a spare ticket for the Brixton on Sunday. Make me an offer I couldn't possibly refuse!
  2. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Dun de de dun...

    What have I missed?
  3. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    It's Poetry Darlings

    This is a thread for anyone to post their poetry. I shall kick things off: Like A Thief Cherry picking in the cement covered fields Aisles a mile wide, and views second to most I was sipping from my recycled mochacino coffee cup And then you walked into my peripheral vision A blur of...
  4. Black_Eyed_Sioux


    I'm covered in beeees!:blushing:
  5. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Saturday Nights In...

    It's the new going out, honeyzzzz :tears:
  6. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    The Bloated Feeling Of Self-Importance Thread

    What do you think you can do better than anyone else?
  7. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    So, I'm joining the gym on Saturday...

    What are people's positive/negative experiences of the places? I'm quite nervous because all I can picture is slim, lithe individuals preening themselves whilst burning cals on the rowing machine :squiffy:
  8. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    The Girls Aloud > Morrissey Thread

    Yes, it's official.....Girls Aloud are better than Morrissey :guitar:
  9. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Another Inane Topic From BES! Today's Topic: iPods

    ARGHHH!!! The bloody thing keeps freezing on me! Is there anyone that has any suggestions as to what to with it? (It's out of warranty)
  10. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Sir Clement Freud Dies Aged 84
  11. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Susan Boyle

    She's bloody good!
  12. Black_Eyed_Sioux


    I bloody love it, I do! (Ok, it's got Paris Hilton in it...But have you ever wondered what she would look like if her face fell off?)
  13. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    In A Corner Of A Council Estate Bedsit...

    A chav will shed a tear....For as of 2010, Jeremy Kyle will be no more
  14. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Horne & Corden...How Not To Do Comedy

    A truly awful half hour of comedy... If you're thinking of watching it DON'T!
  15. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Chris Jericho Loses His Sh**

    WWE star "Y2J" Chris Jericho gets into a spot of bother with some fans:
  16. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Sparks To Perform At The Forum In March

    Taken from: I shall be going :D
  17. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    The TMWRNJ Appreciation Thread

    I'd be very surprised if anyone else has heard of this on here...I barely remember it! :D But thanks to youtube, my love of This Morning With Richard Not Judy has been rekindled!
  18. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    What say you good people about this site? Alot of things were said about being legal, illegal etc.... I was just wondering, really.
  19. Black_Eyed_Sioux

    Where Is Everyone?

    Lately there seems to be less and less people online here....Why is this?
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