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  1. Viva Tom

    Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst

    Discuss? Personally I'd say he's one of the living few who are close to Morrissey lyrically.
  2. Viva Tom

    Toddler weds dog to beat curse? please, what is the world? still it made me smile.
  3. Viva Tom

    What did everyone get for Christmas thread

    I got treated to; a new flat screen The Smiths Calender A print of James Dean & a James Dean belt. quite a result for me. anyone else?
  4. Viva Tom

    Manchester 22 May 2004 audio bootleg?

    I have looked on which just gave me a download for a random smiths show. & also checked other bootleg sites. & Yes I have searched this forum. I don't mind if it's 'Who Put the....' rip either. anything will do. thank you.
  5. Viva Tom

    Why do you actually like Morrissey?

    I have been ask sooo many time by friends and family why I actually like Morrissey. I have never been able to construct an answer which does him any justice. any of you guys help. I just usually say "he psychologically saves me" on something cheesey like that. any input?
  6. Viva Tom

    Morrissey posts myspace bulletin....

    containing link to free download of 'Irish Blood, English Heart -Live at Pearl Theatre'. if it is much use to you.
  7. Viva Tom

    Roundhouse Security

    Has anyone ever been to any events at the Roundhouse before? And if so could you give us any hints to what the security will be like?
  8. Viva Tom

    Asleep piano music.

    does anybody have a clue where I may be able to find it? It has probably been posted before, but I have been unable to find it.
  9. Viva Tom

    Late Night Maudlin Street- Video?

    I read on that a video was made of 'Late Night Maudlin Street'. Though it wasn't offical it was made (directed by fan Sarah Tuft). I have searched the forum for a download or link to it, but I have been unsucsessful. Could anyone bring and end to my struggle and provide?
  10. Viva Tom


    Does anybody know what was the first Smiths song Morrissey played as a solo artist. As well as where and when it occured? hail to anybody who answers.
  11. Viva Tom

    First time going to Morrissey show.

    I have been a Morrissey fan for a while, but never had a chance to see him live. Yet thanks to these shows in London I have managed to grasp a chance. Is there anything I should know before attending? Any tips from past experiences?
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