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  1. CrystalGeezer

    How to get a song stuck in someone’s head

    Now she gets her kicks in Stepney Not in Knightsbridge anymore
  2. CrystalGeezer

    TTY: Morrissey's novel "List of the Lost" out in September

    Re: Morrissey announces novel I hope it's not two thousand seven hundred and forty pages. :o
  3. CrystalGeezer

    TTY: "Ganglord" cover version by Korine Varekamp and video

    Re: TTY: "Ganglord" cover version and video At least he said something POSITIVE about Blenheim. It was in the third person so I read it in Julia's stupid voice but I'll take what I can get. Jesus.
  4. CrystalGeezer

    Big Brother is getting bigger

    About an hour ago I stood six inches away from this Botticelli at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. (breathtaking. its tiny) The docent said no pics. I took him aside and asked if I could sneak a flashless pic when everyone left. He said I could try. So everyone left and I pulled out my...
  5. CrystalGeezer

    Morrissey in Anaheim?

    My dad just said he got an email from the House of Blues in Anaheim saying Morrissey was going to be there? He told me that when I go to the concert (his neck of the woods) to return a car diagnostic tool I borrowed from him. :p I have no confirmation of this other than my dad's phone call.
  6. CrystalGeezer

    French Market Place (Los Angeles) said to close for good Mar. 31, 2015

    I meant to go there once but couldn't find parking so went somewhere else. I love me some French bread and butter but I'm not walking ten blocks for it. :p I bet their fate is the same as Cat and fiddle. Lease up. It's a hot section of WeHo, the property owner is cashing in big on this.
  7. CrystalGeezer

    TTY: Morrissey audience in Leeds, March 20th

    Pro tip for Sam: Tuck your elbows against your body when doing pan-and-scan to make your torso the tripod and your image more stable. Or place one hand on your shoulder like a half hug and put the camera on that arm's extended elbow and pan. :thumb:
  8. CrystalGeezer

    General Other Music News Thread

    Fishbone Fighting a 2010 Stage Diving Lawsuit for $1.4 million.
  9. CrystalGeezer

    20 Best Cover Bands in LA

    Sweet & Tender Hooligans clocks in at #2, Metalachi came in at #4. (They are amazing...go see them.) Curious about catching Dread Zeppelin and GayC/DC this summer.
  10. CrystalGeezer

    MLB 2015 Baseball Thread

    It's officially Spring, folks. :cool: I'll kick off the thread and season with a pic of my Great Grandpa Henry holding a mannequin hooker in a Dodger hat. :D
  11. CrystalGeezer

    The return of Morrissey the Consumer Monkey

    Those eyebrows are scary.
  12. CrystalGeezer

    Watch this unflattering video of me making soup

    I am fat! I am horrible! I am not perfect! I didn't even take the time to empty the recycling before framing the shot! You are disgusted by my outbursts and very PRESENCE all fat and crude...but you can't help but want more. :cool: I have a pretzel maker. Who wants to see me make PRETZELS...
  13. CrystalGeezer

    That Morrissey Moment

    Do you ever have that "Morrissey Moment" where you doing something or reading something and you think, "Ahhh damn, Morrissey wouldn't like that very much." It's because he's so vocal and opinionated about stuff which is great, but it tends to bite him in the ass and stigmatize him a bit, like...
  14. CrystalGeezer

    Somebody call the NRA, the gunshow is in town

    This is ridiculous. Are my arms obese because light hits a pocket of fat at a certain angle? I tried kissing my gun but I couldn't reach since a portion of my neck is made out of plastic and screws. :D RB's standard of "fat" hate is unnatural. I hope people aren't paying attention to...
  15. CrystalGeezer

    Morrissey spotted at Billy Idol concert in Los Angeles (Feb. 18, 2015)

    So Morrissey was at the Billy Idol show last night... Photo from losangelesartists / Instagram #morrissey #thesmiths #80s #thewiltern #wilshireandwestern #omg
  16. CrystalGeezer

    Cell phones are an epidemic

    This year the dancing festival I'm videoing is particularly difficult to get the kids enthused and get sweet shots because every time I pan a group, at least two or three kids have their face buried in their phone which ruins the whole shot. Clip after clip is useless. And the younger kids are...
  17. CrystalGeezer

    Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" line "babies full of rabies" influence on "Neal Cassady Drops Dead"?

    Babies and rabies rhyme. Why is Morrissey always guilty of tuning into the same rhyming words and declared a plagerist? It's unfair.
  18. CrystalGeezer

    Bengali Svengali

    DO you suppose the theme of this song is about imprisoning a person to sing? A Svengali is " a person who, with evil intent, dominates, manipulates and controls a creative person such as a singer or actor." Do you suppose Morrissey feels he has a Svengali Ghost? Bengali, Bengali... Bengali...
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