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  1. Spicer

    HMV purchase The Ritz

    What a crock. They announced they are closing what, 60 shops, and making all the people who work in those shops redundant, yet they have the money for this? Nice priorities, HMV.
  2. Spicer

    Used to Be a Moz Suppler

    Someone should have told moz you can get them in the pound shop!
  3. Spicer

    Does anybody have interest in this?

    No. Happy to help.
  4. Spicer

    Getting on Stage at a Morrissey/smiths Concert

    I agree with you 100%. I've seen people in the crowd get very badly hurt by a wannabe stage invader, it is not a pleasant experience to see, let alone experience first hand. Can't stand them. Love when security wrestle them away, the look of desperation and anguish on their face is kind of...
  5. Spicer

    This is England '86 features "Never Had No One Ever"

    There's 4 episodes, too - I'm extremely excited about this. I loved the film.
  6. Spicer

    please join my facebook group

    Ah I get you now! Those FB groups confuse me a little. "Your friend has become a fan of MAKE MONDAYS ILLEGAL" and all that guff :crazy::crazy::crazy: However I think thats very shady of Fred Perry, considering the amount of their stock I've seen for sale in TK Maxx for 19.99! You'd think...
  7. Spicer

    please join my facebook group

    Excuse the harshness of my question, I don't mean to be rude but what changes will a Facebook group about this issue bring about?
  8. Spicer

    Songs about Jake

    Yes, 1994! Good times.
  9. Spicer

    Songs about Jake

    The second one is Jake, the first is Moz's former security guy, who I don't think he was ever involved with :lbf::lbf: I have some pictures of Jake from instores, I could scan them and upload them, but I don't really understand people's fascination with Jake. I mean, many are so in denial...
  10. Spicer

    NME's got it wrong again

    Are you joking me?! They printed that? NME, this is for you....
  11. Spicer

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a proud father

    Hope he doesn't teach him to spit at cameramen.
  12. Spicer

    Morrissey in BI-LO

    Don't you think?
  13. Spicer

    Well well well, Mr Brooker

    Yes! What's that about?
  14. Spicer

    The Adventures of Tiny Moz and Prudence

    Excuse me - attacked? Get real. I said something was awful. That's an attack? :squiffy::squiffy::squiffy:
  15. Spicer

    The Adventures of Tiny Moz and Prudence

    Best news I've heard all day! :thumb::thumb::thumb: Bye! But for the record, my post was directed not directed at you; but at the silly doll/cat picture taker. :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  16. Spicer

    The Adventures of Tiny Moz and Prudence

    Geeeeeeeeeeeeee Zusssssssssssssss Christ. You have way too much time on your hands. This is awful.
  17. Spicer

    Morrissey's significant other

  18. Spicer

    This charming man

    According to this thread on smithstorrents, the full BBC4 Doc is up on that site if you want to download it - I hope that WDDIM is on it as it's a treat :)
  19. Spicer

    This charming man

    Looks like the "old grey whistle test" - an old BBC show. I have this on VHS! A quick look on youtube doesn't show any results, surely someone has uploaded it?
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