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  1. One of your children

    Morrissey played on tonights corry street

    Please please let me get what i want was played in a emotional scene just now,i dont watch corrination street but was on in the back ground,go on itv catch up in a few hours and u can watch it! :)
  2. One of your children

    Friendly fires

    Good group from st Albans,they are playing in there home town(sold out) in september but ill be in barbados,but first chance i get i will be seeing them live! :) check them out!
  3. One of your children

    If u like underground beats

    U can find me D.J I.S playing here.
  4. One of your children


    I have been sent there promos through out the last few years and they were at the 02 fest last year on the 5th did anybody get to see them? i saw moz lol but different day! I dj alot of underground DnB/breakbeats and was sent stuff from modular records that seemed odd! alot of the music from...
  5. One of your children

    Moz on the 360 box

    Morrisseys " i like u " is on the PGR racing game on the 360 x box is there any other games that have used his music?
  6. One of your children

    Quarry - London - Saturday 24th January 2009

    Quarry night ANy body from here going,its great as its just behind 2 of my fav pubs in soho, Comptons and the welly(duke of wellington) oh... and cant leave out the kings arms in poland street, 3 of us are going just because its close to were we usally drink and to hear the new album ive...
  7. One of your children

    London flexi disc

    Hi does any body know if the london flexi disc with the loverly gay poem on is worth much(not important),i brought the 12" of international play boys and it was inside the sleve so a bonus:)
  8. One of your children

    warlock pinchers

    Has anybody eles heard this track called "morrissey rides a cock horse"! its some stupid americain satan(so called band) that has a album and this is one of there tracks that dissis morrissey in such a childish mannor its not worth geting upset about! its all swaring and its just junk bullshit...
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