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  1. Spicer

    Faux Moz strikes again

    Is this the FauxMoz who has been thrilling people at the US shows? The fan in the cowboy hat doesn't look thrilled, I grant you but I'm just curious.[email protected]/4160602501/ I found the pic posted as a link on twitter. It seems cowboy guy is telling his...
  2. Spicer

    Salisbury tix available at Seetix{F3F48EB4-5B01-4269-ADE3-A34B1615E7A0}&filler1=see&filler2=art-srch They're standing! This had been sold out (correct?) so these must be returns.
  3. Spicer

    Billy Liar - 50 Years On

    Link to a BBC Radio programme about the 50th anniversary of the publication of this book, one that Morrissey quite likes ;)
  4. Spicer

    Stone Roses are reforming (but John Squire denied)
  5. Spicer

    UK Sunday Times Article: Heaven knows I’m Muslim now - Morrissey lines up Iran gig
  6. Spicer

    Websites with makeup tips/looks?

    OK, Christmas is nearly here, I have 2 work parties and the usual friends & family parties to deal with, and I want to look good at 'em. Fancy that! Anyone out there got some links to websites with good looks/tips for makeup application? I could of course just go to a makeup counter in a...
  7. Spicer

    Maladjusted £6.99 at

    I remember some forum members saying that they couldn't find this album in the shops, that it is out of print. has it on sale at the moment. Hope this helps someone out!
  8. Spicer

    Request: Long Sleeved Moz Tees?

    Anyone know of any sites that sell long-sleeved Morrissey t-shirts? They don't have to be official merchandise, even Morrissey-themed shirts (like those on, for example) would be good.
  9. Spicer

    Request: Sheila Take A Bow poster

    I have been looking for a large poster of the "Sheila Take A Bow" cover - with Candy Darling. I know it exists, because there is a brief shot of it in the Rough Trade office in the Smiths South Bank Show! However all I ever seem to see on eBay are either A3 or A4 posters, which a) don't do...
  10. Spicer

    Moz in Holy Moly mailout

    Well this just arrived in my email box, it's put quite the negative spin on the story of why Moz likes Rome so much....
  11. Spicer

    ROTT going cheap at

    Subject title says it all really, I just noticed the special edition with DVD (£2.99/€4.99, and "regular" version (£3.99/€6.49) of ROTT in the sale. In case you don't have it already :eek:
  12. Spicer

    US Tour

    I'm so sorry, didn't see other threads. Delete at your leisure.
  13. Spicer

    Moz Ringtones

    Ok, I know about but my phone doesn't have the "composer" function you need to programme the various ringtones listed on the site. Shame though, obviously a great deal of work has gone into it! Where do you get your Morrissey-related ringtones?
  14. Spicer

    Corrie's Norris - Morrissey Fan?

    Watched Coronation Street earlier, and everyone's favourite nosey parker, Norris, had two lines which were quite Morrissey-esque! "I look danger in the eye and I laugh my head off" is the only one I can remember right now... what was the other? Could there be a Moz fan on the scriptwriting...
  15. Spicer

    Free "Letter to Breshnev" DVD in today's Guardian SATURDAY 7TH

    The title says it all! Buy the paper get the dvd. Moz HAD a scene a few minutes in, but I can't remember off the top of my head if it was left in the final product. Little help? It was when the two girls were in the jacks and he was outside looking puzzled. It might have been cut...
  16. Spicer

    "In The Future When All's Well" Single - Well, Whaddya Think???

    Just got mine and it really and truly pains me to say that I am not too impressed. "Christian Dior" is a nice song, but it doesn't grab me the way previous B-Sides have ("Ganglord" in particular). The live tracks don't sound very exciting, which is a big let-down. I haven't watched the...
  17. Spicer

    Stage Times for Marlay Park

    This was just announced on (the promoter's website). Tuesday 22 August Bud Rising presents MORRISSEY 21.00 MAGIC NUMBERS 19.30 THE DANDY WARHOLS 18.20 THE DEARS 17.15 Gates 16.00 Dublin Bus Details: Buses to Marlay Park will depart from Burgh Quay beside...
  18. Spicer

    Request: Killarney recording, anyone?

    Hi all I missed this the first time it was posted. Would any kind soul out there care to upload it? Thanks a million :) Also, does anybody have any photographs from the show? I'd love to see them... and sharing is caring!
  19. Spicer

    Sasha Distel - Picture?

    Hi, Does anybody have the picture of Sasha Distel Morrissey used as the backdrop to the first leg of the tour? I'd like to make a t-shirt of it. Cheers :)
  20. Spicer

    Morrissey interviewing Joni Mitchell

    Forgot I had this knocking about on CD. The interview has some of Joni's music laced through. The first part is 20:07, the second part is 20:14. Enjoy! Part One: (18.69 MB): Part Two: (18.64 MB):
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