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  1. tender hooligan

    Morrissey about losing people

    I have a req. I read on someones myspace page great quote about human life, loss and losing people. It was about year ago and i cant find it anywhere. Any help would be greately appreciated.
  2. tender hooligan

    My New Years wish - Jeane

    Could some kind soul please upload Jeane of Smiths?i know it has been around here, but somehow i didnt catch it. :( And would you be so kind and use sendpace because megaupload doesnt work for me:( It would be greately appreciate. Love it.
  3. tender hooligan

    Anyone else alone on Christmas and home alone?

    I was just wondering.... it seems to be somewhat appropriate for Moz fans.Well, it is for me :( I could go to my relatives i dont like, i didnt and waiting to go out with my friends. Dont have a boyfriend, happy family, feeling pretty much like in Seasick video:o Just thought id share. Lucky...
  4. tender hooligan

    Id love to for myspace playlist

    Hiya! I saw this song at someones page and playlist to be exact. But i have lost it and i would love to have it on my playlist. Anyone? it would be greately appreciated. If youre somewhere around here, please help!:(
  5. tender hooligan

    Come back to Camden

    Was this song ever performed live and if so ...anyone has it recorded?
  6. tender hooligan

    Anyone else around here crazy about Pulp?

    i am slightly obssesed with Pulp lately. I just think that songs like Common people, Remember the first time, Babies......are brilliant stuff. And Jarvis just might be coolest guy alive.
  7. tender hooligan

    A little lyrics help

    These lyrics " think you are so smart........they are running through my head since yesterday and i cant remember which song is it. :confused:
  8. tender hooligan


    It may sound crazy, but does anyone have Crazy by Icehouse? It is a great pop song imo.:)
  9. tender hooligan


    SPEEDWAY And when you slam Down the hammer Can you see it in your heart ? All of the rumours Keeping me grounded I never said, I never said that they were Completely unfounded So when you slam Down the hammer Can you see it in your heart ? Can you delve so low ? And when...
  10. tender hooligan

    Could someone reupload Nothing rhymed please?

    I know it was here before, but the file has expired or something. I would really like to hear it. If someone has Stay as you are nad Human being - would be also greately appreciated
  11. tender hooligan

    Jewel in the crown question

    Part my ignorance, but is it some kind of documentary and is it any good?:confused:
  12. tender hooligan

    Location of Tomorrow video

    I was just wondering...anyone knows? He looks absolutely stunning in there.:) :eek:
  13. tender hooligan

    Does Moz enjoy life(now and then)

    The question is old, i know...but it goes on...My question would be: does his depression stops him for being interested in life, curious etc., all positive thinking shit. I mean, does he live his life to the fullest? Maybe it is more questionable for younger Moz, but nevertheless....And what of...
  14. tender hooligan

    Will never marry video

    Could someone please upload this video? Youtube has a poor quality.So, it would be greately appreciated.
  15. tender hooligan

    Stop me if you"ve heard this one video

    I saw this video also in There is a light version. My question is: who are the guys on bycicles?Who is the woman on the wall?Is it Elizabeth Smart? And in the other verison(or real one) of Light video:are there two boys kissing each other? I love both videos very much. I read somewhere on this...
  16. tender hooligan

    Help with there speaks a true friend

    Could anybody upload songs: "There speaks a true friend "and Pashernate love.It would be greately appreciated.
  17. tender hooligan

    Help,i want I"d love to

    Anyone has a link to download this beautiful song? I would really like to hear it, and i cant buy the album(because they dont have it in stores). Thanks in advance
  18. tender hooligan

    Morrissey vs God

    I just wondered....what do you think/know about Moz"s relation with God?I have noticed that he talks about God a lot or he often puts God in his perspective. I know for a fact that he said "I try to believe." From "Yes i am blind" to "I have forgiven Jesus" ...seems to me that he talks to God...
  19. tender hooligan

    Anyone has lyrics of My life is a succession of people saying goodbye

    Please, i"ve never heard the song...but i"d love to
  20. tender hooligan

    Question about At last i am born

    I just wanted to ask...which lines are new when he is singing it live?I"ve heard some ...for miserable ... i dont know. Sounds pretty interesting to me
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