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  1. raincoated lover

    Lyrical references to Non-Morrissey works in the debut Smiths album

    I'm doing an essay on The Smiths debut album and I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers into 'A Taste of Honey' style references in Morrissey's lyrics on the album. For example, 'I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice..' Any help would be greatly...
  2. raincoated lover

    Help in finding early press and reviews on The Smiths and the debut album

    I am a university student writing an essay on the sociological and musicological aspects of The Smiths debut album. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere online I could find an archive of early press regarding the band, live performances and the album itself upon release? Such...
  3. raincoated lover

    What exactly did Morrissey say about Michael Jackson?

    I'm a huge fan of Michael's, and I'd like to know what Morrissey actually said, and they way he implied what he said, so I can make a judgement as to whether he actually respectfully dedicated the song to him or made a cheap shot at him...
  4. raincoated lover

    The 'Mozralites at Glastonbury' Thread

    I am a Mozralite. I am going to Glastonbury. If you are the same, this is the thread to notify, and plan potential Mozralite meet-ups!
  5. raincoated lover

    I turned 18 on Sunday, and other updates..

    ..I don't really get the chance to come onto Morrissey-Solo very often anymore, which is a shame. I have been a member on this site for almost two years, I think. During this time I have used this site not only to have brilliant discussions with like-minded Mozralites, but to keep my...
  6. raincoated lover

    Years of Refusal - My Thoughts

    I only discovered the album had leaked at around midnight last night. I had to make the conscious descision of going against my morals and downloading - i will buy the album in February anyway - that makes it OK, right? No? Well, i've established my lack of morals - but was disregarding what I...
  7. raincoated lover

    I've Just Come Home From Midnight Mass

    ..and I have never felt more persecuted for my sexuality and existence. God accepts me in open arms? I am eternally in debt to the Lord? God condemns me a sinner, and the Lord decrees me to hell and fire.
  8. raincoated lover

    The ' I'm Not Gay But I'd F*ck ____ In The Ass''

    Kind of filth the pigsty asks for?
  9. raincoated lover

    I'm going to see leonard cohen tonight

    my life is almost complete.
  10. raincoated lover

    The 'Michael Jackson is 50 Tomorrow' Thread

    Does anyone else feel a great sadness for him?
  11. raincoated lover

    The 'I Have a New Boxer Puppy and Have Named It Suki' Thread

    Have a feeling this thread will only apply to me really... But here she is! Suki the eight and a half week old boxer puppy... ..who likes to hang out in the graveyard.
  12. raincoated lover

    Where could you imagine Morrissey being buried?

    I was in Paris until yesterday morning, and I spent a lengthy while in both the Pere Lachaise and the Montpanarsse cemeteries. I found myself being able to quite clearly picture Morrissey's grave amongst the beautiful crypts and stones. Anyone agree? In fact, could you imagine Morrissey...
  13. raincoated lover

    The Prince Appreciation Thread

    If there were ever a potential unsuccessful thread on the Moz Solo forums, I'm sure this would be it. But I am aware of ONE other Prince fan on here (Not Right In The Head) Are there any more???
  14. raincoated lover

    The 'I'm Going on Holiday Soon' Thread

    I'm going to Portugal tomorrow. Have to leave at 5AM to drive to East Midlands airport for check in at 7. Going for a week and have foolishly decided to pack the night before - have thus realised I am missing quite a few of the bare essentials/haven't converted my money. It's gotten so...
  15. raincoated lover

    The Connection Game

    Something we play on long car journeys that I had forgotten about until I saw the Morrissey - Julia Roberts 'Six Degrees of Seperation' article. Basically you name two random and seemingly unconnected people and the person has to link the two. It can't be farfetched though, like: they...
  16. raincoated lover

    Does anyone plan to actually see any other bands?

    From what I've read it would seem alot of Moz-Soloers are planning on going to the pub until NYDs come on. I am taking the opportunity to see: Guillemots Lightspeed Champion Beck Siouxie Emmy The Great Jaguar Love Anyone else hoping to do the same? (And all for just £45!)
  17. raincoated lover

    Going to Manchester tomorrow, Salford Lads Club?

    I'm going with a friend of mine to Manchester tomorrow. It wasn't planned, and I have only just found out, as she has just learnt she has a last minute audition with Universal Studios. When in Manchester,(arriving by train), how easy is it to get to Salford Lads Club - and will I get knived? :(
  18. raincoated lover

    What do we want Years Of Refusal to sound like?

    I think it is obvious that Morrissey is maturing, and I think that he should celebrate this fact by adopting the musicologies of other legendary torch singers - Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday (Lady In Satin), Jacques Brel etc. I think his voice would sound perfect backed by a 24 piece orchestra with...
  19. raincoated lover

    Morrissey makes an accidental grammatical error on a song???

    On The Streets I Ran: 'Here everybody's friendly, but nobody's friends...' Should it not be 'nobody are friends?' Or is it 'Here everybody's friendly, but nobodies(?) friends' in the sense that they are the friends of nobody, as appose to being 'nobody are friends'? :doh:
  20. raincoated lover

    The 'Che Guevara Wasn't That Good' Thread

    I had to take action after seeing one too many hormonal teenagers, who obviously despise history lessons at school, wearing those awful t shirts. "After Castro took power, Che Guevara was placed in charge of the military fort known as La Cabaña. While there he supervised and personally...
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