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    Internet Diary

    Hello everybody Does any of you know a good place on the internet to write your diary? The only place I know is Live Journal but there must be others... Thanks :)
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    "the longer I live"?

    Does any of you know about "the longer I live" which the anonynous person mentions in this comment? "Ken just got off the phone with Boz, and apparantly the whole tour is off now. They may re-start in August, but more likely it is over for good. They will rest up for their studio time with...
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    Moonriver (Extended version)

    I have been wondering where the talking/screaming in the end of the song is taken from (if it's taken anyway from) and who's the women who talks and screams? Can you help with this? Thanks!
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    "Morrissey doesn't function well"

    I just read the Danish music magasin Gaffa in which there's an interview with Modest Mouse. Isaac Brock from the band says the following about Modest Mouse, Marr and Morrissey: "It's a wonderful gathering of weirdoes. And Johnny has become part of it. And as far as I understand, this is the...
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