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  1. evergreennightmare

    vegas, who's going?

    Who's going out there?
  2. evergreennightmare


    hello can someone help me with the chords to swallow on my neck...the chords ive found online seem off a bit...
  3. evergreennightmare

    gibson and fox theatre

    i'm looking for ga pit tickets for both shows pm me
  4. evergreennightmare

    Oakland ticket wanted

    looking for a ticket to oakland PM me
  5. evergreennightmare

    Best Morrissey Line To Engrave

    Hello, I need help coming up with a good line to fit on an engraving any suggestions?
  6. evergreennightmare

    a slight request

    to all the bootleggers on this site...get as much of this part of the tour as you can for all us american folk.
  7. evergreennightmare

    Blue Jam Sessions, House Of Blues

    17 July 2004 Chicago, IL Passions Just Like Mine Info: Download: enjoy
  8. evergreennightmare

    Killarney, Ireland 04-13-2006

    uhm i don't know how many of you have the video, if you don't then here you go Intro (42 second intro) here's the info from Passions just like yours or something. some people call it that.... First Of The Gang To Die Still Ill You Have...
  9. evergreennightmare

    Alternate Tabs

    Dmaj7 Amaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Bm7 Dmaj7 Amaj9 E |--------------------------------|-------------------------------0|| B |---------------------0----------|---------------------1-----0----|| G |-----0---------0----------------|-----0---------0-------------2--|| D...
  10. evergreennightmare

    Pretty Girls Make Graves

    Ok so i downloaded this on a p2p network don't know if you have it, but if you don't here it is. a few clicks throughout the songs, but very listenable Pretty GirlsMake Graves
  11. evergreennightmare

    The Rockpalast 2006

  12. evergreennightmare

    The Smiths Guitar Chords

    "I bought The Smiths Complete Chord Songbook from Amazon last year and its totally amazing. The Songs have all been arranged in to chords which means its great for the begginer and you can start playing straight away, though I advise buying a Capo and a decent tuner as some songs like Bigmouth...
  13. evergreennightmare

    As If Anyone Cares

    Pick a song and I'll upload the show Shoplifters! HSIN The Loop the news is bad again. it'll never be this last year
  14. evergreennightmare

    just some written words

    i was going through the true-to-you website, scrolling through the q&a and came across this: I'm curious as to what makes a concert a good and memorable experience for you. According to you, what do your best shows have in common (if anything)? Mads Peter Copenhagen, Denmark The...
  15. evergreennightmare

    what did she say?

    ok so on the main site there is a rumour that Kristeen is off the tour. can anyone tell me what it was that she actually said? any info is welcome thanks.
  16. evergreennightmare

    to be expected not to

    i came across this will searching for information about the palladium for october's shows as i'm planning on having a good time.A good time because i'll be able to SEE him once again and uh so back to the palladium this is a comment from the losangelescitysearch website about the palladium...
  17. evergreennightmare

    so whats weird in here?

    someone had a thread going where they have posted "AMERICA" as the pre-sale password. ok so i went to ticketmaster (after buying my tickets mind you) and just tried "America" as the password and it came up as no tickets available, so i did it again this time using greatest hits and then a...
  18. evergreennightmare

    i've felt your pain

    so at first when i read the threads about the ticketmaster charges i didn't know what all the fuss was about, but now that i've bought my tickets i know. Not only is there a convinience charge but also an order processing fee?:(:eek: bunch of bull, but i'm still happy to say that i'll see all of...
  19. evergreennightmare

    so when you say it's gonna happen now

    so when do the tix actually go on sale or pre-sale?
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