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    What is Death to you?

    a new beginning
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    Which of these 'epic" songs do you prefer ?

    most definitely speedway - especially the live version which I think is much better the ending.... come on, how could you argue it. all those lieeeeeesss
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    Final tour ?

    i dont believe anything anyone says unless it comes from morrissey himself, and even then....
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    all things punk/hardcore

    Can we talk about And how they are undeniably the greatest underground punk/hardcore/post-hardcore/indie/whatever band that has happened in music period? Everything they did was brilliant, nothing underlooked, nothing done conventionally. The music is amazing, and the lyrics are...
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    Too Many Smiths Books In The World.

    agreed x 1000000000 it's especially irksome becuase no matter how many books/dvds I have about the smiths and morrissey, I always consider buying another....
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    Breeders Anyone?

    I'm just looking for one...divine....hamerrrrrrrrr
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    Duckling rescue

    oh god, that is adorable!!
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    Morrissey- a spent force chart-wise?

    the less people who like morrissey the better (wont.share.him)
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    Grizzly Bear

    Re: Grizzly bear? I fucking LOVE grizzly bear. I havent been excited for a current band this much in a long time. Theyre incredible musicians, and the new album is unreal. I can't wait to see them again at the end of the month. They have ridiculous melodies, especially in the chorus...
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    Life is a Pigsty --> How Soon is Now?

    Re: Life is a Pig Sty --> How Soon is Now? agreed!!
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    Putting The Smiths into perspective

    if we had to subtract a year or two off of the smiths' existence for another year or two of moz, I would gladly do it!!
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    Which is your favourite of the three 'new' songs on Southpaw Grammar?

    you should have been nice to me is AWESOME listening to southpaw made my day today. It is SUCH an amazing album, especially with these new songs - total summer jams!
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    Morrissey's Vegetarianism

    on the subject of bread - NO one should be eating it regardless of your diet, white, whole wheat, pumpernickle. It's all garbage, and you dont need it. If you do need something to spread jam on, try Ezekiel Sprouted Bread, it actually has nutritional value, and is gluten free! haha
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    Morrissey's Vegetarianism

    lol CHEEZ-ITS?! christ moz, get a better diet I get the feeling hes on the vegeterian junk food diet. The kind you do the first month your a vegeterian. Eating soy/gluten based anything. That stuff is so bad for you. I could definitly see him microwaving a boca burger with a glass of wine.
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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs appreciation

    its more like me being pretentious, for thinking shes 'pretentious' but I dont know, I never liked her for some reason or another
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    all things punk/hardcore

    since this is a morrissey board, let me just say, that I thought that modern life is war had lyrics that were of the same caliber of morrissey's band was phenomonal
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    I would totally go see the offspring if they were contractually obligated to play nothing beyond americana I saw them in 1999 at the height of their success, with Lit and The Dickies! Lit was miserable, but the others were :guitar:
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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs appreciation

    i think karen o is unbelievably pretentious, but maps is without a doubt one of the best songs I've ever heard I also like the new single
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    Do you think "Swallow on my Neck" refers to a hickie?...yes/no;why?

    to me, this song is his most obvious "im a simple man, with not much to gain or lose, and I dont know why I held out so long for me and you" "soon everyone knew" I mean, hes essentially saying "yo, why am I being such a dweeb? I'm totally gay, and in love, and its pretty sweet, eff the...
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    Do you think "Swallow on my Neck" refers to a hickie?...yes/no;why?

    it has to do with the fact that morissey is gay, and I will defend this notion forever!! :thumb:
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