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  1. Witwenblume

    Selling signed mint Years of Refusal LP, Luxembourg show 2009

    Hey, I haven't been here for a while - I am considering selling my signed, mint and never played "Years of Refusal" LP. How much do you reckon I could get for it and is anyone on this forum interested? It is btw from the Luxembourg gig, 5 June 2009. I am posting several photos on here if...
  2. Witwenblume

    Ticket for Chicago for sale (general admission)

    I am selling one ticket for the Chicago gig next week. Just PM if interested, normal sale price plus shipping, preferably in the US because of shipping time.
  3. Witwenblume

    Standing ticket for Chicago wanted

    Hi, Does anyne have a spare ticket for the Chicago gig in December? Just PM me if this is the case. Thanks!
  4. Witwenblume

    Train ticket London-Plymouth and back for sale

    I cannot make it to the Plymouth gig but have the train tickets already. Let me know if anyone is interested in these reasonably priced tickets, departing from Paddington (London) on 29 June and going back on 1 July. PM me if interested, I can send you the proper tickets via mail asap.
  5. Witwenblume

    1 Hop Farm Festival Ticket (Saturday) available

    Hi I am selling one (e-) ticket for the Hop Farm Festival (Saturday 2 July), face value 76.95 GBP. PM me if interested.
  6. Witwenblume

    Morrissey backs anti-rabbit factory farming campaign

    Just found this, it seems new to me. Morrissey has approved the use of "Everyday is like Sunday" for Four Paws' most recent campaign against rabbit factory farming. Here's the video:
  7. Witwenblume

    Swap standing for seated? (Brixton 22/07)

    Anyone care to swap a standing ticket for a seated ticket for Wednesday? (no e-ticket, an actual ticket)
  8. Witwenblume

    Any news on the Paris show?

    Does anyone know if the Paris gig at the Grand Rex will be rescheduled or cancelled? I heard that is not easy to find a free spot for the concert in autumn, but I might be wrong.
  9. Witwenblume

    Brixton 19 July single ticket for sale

    I have a spare ticket for the first of the three Brixton shows, on 19 July. It is an e-ticket though and is still dated for 28 May. It is for the circle (it says "circle unreserved seating/rear standing"). The price was 35 Pounds, plus 4,39 Pounds fees. So I am willing to see it for 39...
  10. Witwenblume

    Luxembourg Ticket for sale

    Being a long-time lurker on this board, I thought I'd ask around if anyone on here is interested in buying one (standing) ticket for the Luxembourg gig on 5 June for face value (40 Euros, plus 3 Euro fees). PM me if interested.
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