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  1. Springheeledjim84

    Manchester - Hospitality Section ticket

    Hi, im selling a ticket for the Manchester Arena show on Saturday as my mate can't make it. The ticket is for a fantastic seat in a hospitality box/section of the arena with private bar and loo! The ticket cost £70 but i'd be happy to take £50 or to negotiate a price. The rest of the people...
  2. Springheeledjim84

    Morrissey discharged from Hospital

    According to the BBC website, Morrissey has been discharged: Former Smiths singer Morrissey has been discharged from a Swindon hospital after collapsing on stage with breathing difficulties. He fell to the floor while performing his former band's song This Charming Man at Oasis Leisure...
  3. Springheeledjim84

    Dusseldorf to Munich

    Hi folks, im coming over from the UK for a few German Dates - any idea if there are late/overnight trains/coaches from Dusseldorf to Munich? If not, anyone travelling between the two cities after the Dusseldorf Phillipshalle gig - will pay petrol/any other costs incurred Cheers JIM
  4. Springheeledjim84

    WANTED: 1 Royal Albert Hall Ticket

    Hi there, im looking for a (preferably standing) ticket for the Royal Albert Hall show - will pay face value, and can collect in London on Monday. Will consider seated ticket. Email me at: [email protected] Desperate to get to this show!! JIM
  5. Springheeledjim84

    Upload 2 Klaus Nomi songs??

    Hi there, im going to be performing in a play this week and I suggested two Klaus Nomi tracks that I have on my ipod to my tutor to be used in a couple of the scenes . Basically she needs the songs by tomorrow....ive ordered the album online, but I dont think it will arrive in time. Would...
  6. Springheeledjim84

    Hammerstein MP3 Bootleg

    Hi there, does anyone have a bootleg from the 23rd or Final Hammerstein shows on mp3. I've downloaded the bootlegs available, but they're on some other format. Thanks in advance JIM
  7. Springheeledjim84

    Moz Us tour Presale info! Friday 24th August

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but I spotted this on ticketmaster: Sat, 10/20/07 08:00 PM Star Plaza Theatre Merrillville, IN Morrissey More Info » presale begins: Fri, 08/24/07 12:00 PM JIM
  8. Springheeledjim84

    Tour t-shirts for sale???

    Does anyone have any tshirts they would consider selling (pref in UK large, possibly medium) from Maladjusted and Oye Esteban tours, as well as the Harvey Keitel tee (Kill Uncle tour). PM if you want to discuss prices. Many thanks JIM
  9. Springheeledjim84


    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND.... THURSDAY 31ST MAY A night of Morrissey/The Smiths (+ Kareoke)!!! The Cameo Bar, 38 Home Street, Tollcross EDINBURGH By popular demand, a night of Morrissey and The Smiths' best tunes, plus the return of the Morrissey/The Smiths kareoke for those brave...
  10. Springheeledjim84

    Edinburgh Morrissey Night

    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND.... THURSDAY 31ST MAY A night of Morrissey/The Smiths (+ Kareoke)!!! The Cameo Bar, 38 Home Street, Tollcross EDINBURGH By popular demand, a night of Morrissey and The Smiths' best tunes, plus the return of the Morrissey/The Smiths kareoke for those brave...
  11. Springheeledjim84

    New Moz Book??

    I was jst perusing Amazon and saw a new hardback book is to be released November 2007 entitled "Morrissey: The Pageant of His Bleeding Heart". Morrissey: The Pageant of His Bleeding Heart" by Gavin Hopps is at once erudite and accessible, and argues convincingly for Morrissey's inclusion in...
  12. Springheeledjim84

    Random Request - Omen Theme!!

    Right folks, can anyone possibly upload the Omen Theme Tune is possible. It for my mates band's gig entrance music. I personally couldn't think of anything worse, but nevermind. Eternally grateful JIM
  13. Springheeledjim84

    Moz spotted in St Andrews

    I was in Edinburghs lovely new independent record shop, Unknown pleasures down in the Canongate and got talking to the bloke behind the desk. Apparently Moz frequented their St Andrews store when he was staying in the Bay Hotel after the Dundee Caird Hall gig 2006. Bloke behind the desk was...
  14. Springheeledjim84

    Morrissey NOT doing Eurovision

    Forgive me friends if this has already been posted, but this is excellent news!! The BBC will reveal the finalists that will compete in the fourth annual Making Your Mind Up national final on February 28th. can reveal that Morrissey will NOT be featured either as a singer or a...
  15. Springheeledjim84

    Bowie/Sparks night in Edinburgh

    Hi folks, the wonderful indie cinema, The Cameo in Edinburgh will be holding many 'A Night Of…’ evenings this month; tributes to the artists they love. 3 hours dedicated to their music, videos, rarities and live tunes. I believe there have been a few Moz nights here. This month amongst...
  16. Springheeledjim84

    Patti Smith Tour

    Anyone here going to see Patti on her new tour. Got my tickets for Glasgow - cant wait! Heres the details: Patti Smith will play nine UK and Ireland shows in May as she looks to promote the release of new album 12. That record is out on April 16th, and sees Patti reinterpreting tracks...
  17. Springheeledjim84

    The BillyFury story - On tour

    For anyone who may be interested in hearing the works on Fury (cover star of Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me et al), The Billy Fury Story Live. Feb 07 - Potters Bar - Ipswich - Northampton - Milton Keynes Mar 07 - Halifax - Brentwood - Durham - Rotherham - Bournemouth - Dudley...
  18. Springheeledjim84

    NON MOZ: Hibernian FC in the Finals :)

    Any Hibees fans on here??? There surely must be!! Thats it Guys n Gals - the Old Leith Team have made it to Hampden. An incredibly nerve wracking game...but the boys did it!! Off for a few celebratory ales now. We are Hibernian FC We hate Jam Tarts and we hate Dundee We will...
  19. Springheeledjim84

    The Good, the Bad and the Queen Gig

    Was anyone at The Good, The Bad and the Queen show last night in Motherwell Civic?? (where ol' Moz played in 95). Superb show!! The show got off to quite an interesting start with a victorian vaudeville theme with jugglers, a victorian drinking a can of special brew (mmmm....) and some...
  20. Springheeledjim84

    Request: Smiths bootlegs from Edinburgh

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone would be as kind as to post a bootleg from any of the following shows. I would be most appreciative. 5 March 1984 - Coaster's, Edinburgh 14 June 1984 - Caley Palais, Edinburgh 24 September 1985 - Playhouse, Edinburgh 28 September 1985 - Clickimin Centre...
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