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    Far Out Magazine: Morrissey's favourite 13 singles of all time
  2. Mgoldsmith

    Rare and unseen photos thread

    Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but found on google: (He's with Joni mitchell.)
  3. Mgoldsmith

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Right now, I am currently listening to the talking coming from the tv ;). Just kidding, But the last time I listened to music, was when I was going home from chicago (Moz's concert at Ravinia) a couple days ago and I had to listen to your arsenal. Still a very good album and one of my favorites...
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    Newbie to the site

    I am from the upper Midwest area (USA), I am in my forties and I have been a fan of Morrissey and the Smiths since I was 18. I remember seeing the "there's a light that never goes out" video when I was in high school and I was automatically hooked. After many years of waiting (and going from...
  5. Mgoldsmith

    40-ish female from US (Upper midwest area)

    40-ish female from US (Upper midwest area)
  6. Mgoldsmith

    Morrissey at the movies

    Here's a pretty extensive list of his favorite movies (Rumored to be or not). I have seen about 10 movies and under on this list (Before I realized that it was on his list):
  7. Mgoldsmith

    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Don't know if anyone posted this picture yet, but I thought I would post it on here. Michael Stipe would write letters to Morrissey quite a bit and Morrissey would never respond back. I read that in a article a long time ago.
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    Pre show songs played in 2019 Toronto on Saturday night

    I recently went to the morrissey concert in IL and have a question. Before Morrissey came on, There was a clip of a little boy singing "Please, please let me get what I want". Does anyone know who this kid is and if I could find it on the internet anywhere...I have done google searches and...
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