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  1. Godlovesugly

    1 Standing Ticket For Stoke: Face Value

    Edit: Ticket gone for now at least.
  2. Godlovesugly

    Goodbye Sty & Goodbye so-low

    Goodbye so-low Good knowin' ya
  3. Godlovesugly

    Recession Beating: Britain's Cheapest Brothel

    Sorry if this is old but it's awesome *250 fags. Source
  4. Godlovesugly


    The truth is out.
  5. Godlovesugly

    If a "Quiz" is "Quizzical"...

    what's a "test"?
  6. Godlovesugly

    Moz Mentioned in video game version of 1 vs 100

    I was just watching this Quick Look for the Video Game Version of 1 vs 100 and a Morrissey related questioned popped up skip to 15mins 25 seconds Nice and obscure, not really news at all!
  7. Godlovesugly

    Новый год

  8. Godlovesugly

    This is the only REAL way to browse the forums

    skinny beat me to it, but for you instead
  9. Godlovesugly

    Y'all be jealous of my avatar

    You aint got to lie craig you aint got to lie Y'all!
  10. Godlovesugly

    Work Safe Porn (nsfw)

    Want more?
  11. Godlovesugly

    Who thinks Cannabis should be legal?

    I f***ing well do I don't see why it shouldn't, but then maybe I'm just thick. Get and sign this bad boy
  12. Godlovesugly

    There is no god!

    Prove me wrong...
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  14. Godlovesugly

    What is up lightupvirginmary's vagina?

    She's so bitter about men, my guess she has something up her axe wound. So what's up there?
  15. Godlovesugly

    Stupid Quote Thread (S.Q.T)

    Someone said something so stupid you need to let everyone know? Then post it here! You can even feel free to have a go at understanding what they said.
  16. Godlovesugly

    Forum members we've masturbated over.

    Please post pictures of the forum members you've spilt semen over...or if you're a girl who you've flicked your bean over. Let me get the ball rolling are there anymore?
  17. Godlovesugly


    Enjoy sounds organized in time? Enjoy such things as melodies, harmonies and rhythms? Then you'll love Why? Here's a selection of their songs, only 5 but beggars can't be choosers. The Vowels Pt. 2 Gemini (Birthday Song) 500 Fingernails Miss Ohio's Nameless Simeon's Dilemma...
  18. Godlovesugly

    FAO: Nice people buying Birmingham tickets today

    Are you the nice folk that got pushed in front of today? I'm the idiot that told you about camping out for 12 hours in 2006 and you were the ones that got rubbish tickets along with me. Yeah so hello, you're nice people we should talk! P.S I HATE TOUTS DIRTY STINKING TOUTS IF YOU'RE READING...
  19. Godlovesugly

    Carissa's Wierd - Asleep (smiths cover)

    Don't know how widely available this song is but anyhoo it's here for j00 From the album "Scrapbook" [:guitar:DOWNLOAD:guitar:] If anyone wants the full Carissa's Wierd album, just say and i'll up' it.
  20. Godlovesugly

    Carissa's weird - Suedehead cover?

    Hello, not sure if anyone remembers me but i used to post here until my router wouldn't let me on the site :confused: ports or something, anyway i have a new router so i'm back...with a request. I've recently started listening to "Band of horses" who i find are made up from Carissa's weird...
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