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  1. Slightly_Afraid

    Looking For A Definitive List...

    Hello. I'm trying to find out how many bootlegs/live shows by Morrissey are of soundboard/radio broadcast quality. The ones I already have are: Chile 2000 Buenos Aires 2004 Higher Education Live at Hollywood Bowl Manchester 2004 (and pretty much any show that's been commercially released...
  2. Slightly_Afraid

    Morrissey cd singles box-sets

    Hi y'all. Just thought I'd pimp out my eBay pages. Got the 88-91 and 91-95 box-sets at a low reserve. Item numbers: 250420526977 and 250420534380 cheers :D
  3. Slightly_Afraid


    Hi...Just a request, really. Lost a load of old CDs lately and one of them was "Smart" by Sleeper, which I love! Can't find another copy anywhere. If anybody could be kind enough to upload it, I'd be very grateful!
  4. Slightly_Afraid

    Your Favourite Bootleg

    Well, I thought it would be nice to start a thread wherein everyone posts their favourite Morrissey or Smiths bootleg and tells everyone why it's their favourite. Here's my choice: an above-average audience recording from the South American leg of the Oye Esteban tour, from Buenos Aires 2000. I...
  5. Slightly_Afraid

    Grovelling request

    Hello, hello :D Just, if no one objects, a request. Can somebody (anybody?) upload the show where Morrissey first played Drive-In Saturday? I THINK it's NY Beacon 2000 or something? Its just I used to have the show and have lost it, and I seem to recall it was a thoroughly decent quality...
  6. Slightly_Afraid

    A Big, Pleading Request

    Hey there, people. I know it's a bit of a random request, but i LOVE the album "The It Girl" by Sleeper. Unfortunately, a very unkind person snapped my copy recently, and I had not ripped it to my PC. As I am a poor student I don't *really* fancy shelling out for another copy, so if anyone is...
  7. Slightly_Afraid

    Req: Higher Education

    Any chance some kind person could post this show, as I used to have it before my hard-drive crashed, and I seem to remember it being the best Kill Uncle tour bootleg going :)
  8. Slightly_Afraid

    Beunos Aires?

    Hi...I really would be very thankful if someone could post the Live In Beunos Aires 2000 bootleg. It was my first ever Moz boot, but I lost it when my PC crashed a while ago. I remember it being a very good audience recording with an ace setlist and very funny / talkative Moz :D Also...
  9. Slightly_Afraid

    Pulp Boots?

    Thank you muchly for those Blur boots :D Now, anyone got any decent quality (soundboard?) Pulp bootlegs they mioght like to share? If anyone could post, well, anything then that would be greatly appreciated :D
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