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  1. Springheeledjim84

    Manchester - Hospitality Section ticket

    Hi, im selling a ticket for the Manchester Arena show on Saturday as my mate can't make it. The ticket is for a fantastic seat in a hospitality box/section of the arena with private bar and loo! The ticket cost £70 but i'd be happy to take £50 or to negotiate a price. The rest of the people...
  2. Springheeledjim84

    New Song | Art-Hounds

    I could be hearing that lyric wrong, but thats what it sounds like.......
  3. Springheeledjim84

    New Song | Art-Hounds

    From what I could hear.....this could be VERY wrong......(To my ears it sounds quite similar to One Day Goodbye Will be Farewell, although more "epic) : The pitiless revenge of those without friends pitiless, pitiless revenge Art-hounds, know whats around, they've seen it somewhere written down...
  4. Springheeledjim84

    The new Morrissey song, 'Scandinavia'...

    Im hearing.... Crime? in Trondheim I despise each syllable(?) in Scandinavia Let the people burn Let their children cry, die, blind (?) in (?) But then you came along And you held out your hand And I fell in love with you and Scandinavia I kiss the soil I hug the soil I would eat...
  5. Springheeledjim84

    Spare Dunfermline ticket, if anyone needs one...

    You Still selling that ticket? Cheers
  6. Springheeledjim84

    The Lazy Sunbathers - live?

    I think it was soundchecked before the Fairfield Hall gig in Croydon on the Boxers tour in 95, but it wasn't played live.
  7. Springheeledjim84

    Morrissey discharged from Hospital

    According to the BBC website, Morrissey has been discharged: Former Smiths singer Morrissey has been discharged from a Swindon hospital after collapsing on stage with breathing difficulties. He fell to the floor while performing his former band's song This Charming Man at Oasis Leisure...
  8. Springheeledjim84

    Dusseldorf to Munich

    Hi folks, im coming over from the UK for a few German Dates - any idea if there are late/overnight trains/coaches from Dusseldorf to Munich? If not, anyone travelling between the two cities after the Dusseldorf Phillipshalle gig - will pay petrol/any other costs incurred Cheers JIM
  9. Springheeledjim84

    Royal Albert Hall show cancelled 11/05/09

    Re: Royal Albert Hall show cancelled tonight This is truly getting beyond a joke, he seems very comfortable in cancelling shows at the drop of hat much to the expense of adoring fans!! It seems the 1st sign of a sniffle he decides to pull out. It wouldn't take much for him to issue a...
  10. Springheeledjim84

    WANTED: 1 Royal Albert Hall Ticket

    Hi there, im looking for a (preferably standing) ticket for the Royal Albert Hall show - will pay face value, and can collect in London on Monday. Will consider seated ticket. Email me at: [email protected] Desperate to get to this show!! JIM
  11. Springheeledjim84

    post your pictures and videos of you and moz

    Moz going in for a handshake with me at 2.20 at Hammerstein Ballroom NYC.....wonderul night!!
  12. Springheeledjim84

    Upload 2 Klaus Nomi songs??

    Thanks very much. Much appreciated. JIM
  13. Springheeledjim84

    Upload 2 Klaus Nomi songs??

    Hi there, im going to be performing in a play this week and I suggested two Klaus Nomi tracks that I have on my ipod to my tutor to be used in a couple of the scenes . Basically she needs the songs by tomorrow....ive ordered the album online, but I dont think it will arrive in time. Would...
  14. Springheeledjim84

    Hammerstein MP3 Bootleg

    Thank you so trying to keep the memories of those 5 amazing nights alive. Thanks a lot for the 23rd boot, but if anyone has the final night on mp3, i'd be much obliged. JIM
  15. Springheeledjim84

    Hammerstein MP3 Bootleg

    Hi there, does anyone have a bootleg from the 23rd or Final Hammerstein shows on mp3. I've downloaded the bootlegs available, but they're on some other format. Thanks in advance JIM
  16. Springheeledjim84

    PIX: Moz Fans Unite and Take Over New York City 10/22/07 - 10/29/07

    Great pics, great memories. Thanks for posting these. JIM
  17. Springheeledjim84

    NYC, the time is near...

    I fly out from London on Sunday and will be at all 5 gigs - can't wait!!!!! I need my fix immediately :) JIM
  18. Springheeledjim84

    Tour Videos before shows

    Re: tour videos before shows.. When he used this entrance music on the Boxers tour, I believe it was the borstal boys singing version from the superb film, "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner". Hope this helps JIM
  19. Springheeledjim84

    Can't get Palladium package since you don't have a US billing addy?

    Just recieved the same email - Glad to hear European customers can pick up at the box office. All the same, it should really be made a bit clearer!!! JIM
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