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  1. Slightly_Afraid

    21/07/2012 Tel Aviv Bitan 1

    Wow, er...Just like to state for the record that I think MozRecording is doing a graet job and I appreciate his/her efforts muchly. Oh, and as a little side-y thing though...If he/she could mark on their site which recordings are soundboard or FM, that'd be swell :)
  2. Slightly_Afraid

    21/07/2012 Tel Aviv Bitan 1

    Hello. Don't often post around here, but I do take liberties and download all the show speople put up. So, as a kind of thank-you, I've edited the show into separate tracks and, well, here is the link. Tried to cut out as much of the radio host as possible, but he remains in segments. Kudos to...
  3. Slightly_Afraid

    Looking For A Definitive List...

    Hello. I'm trying to find out how many bootlegs/live shows by Morrissey are of soundboard/radio broadcast quality. The ones I already have are: Chile 2000 Buenos Aires 2004 Higher Education Live at Hollywood Bowl Manchester 2004 (and pretty much any show that's been commercially released...
  4. Slightly_Afraid

    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    You sound like Indiana Jones in "Last Crusade": "...This cross belongs in a museum!!!" Fact is, most people haven't the wherewithal to track down rarities; I know I can't be arsed to, so it's very nice indeed when kind people share their goodies for nothing.
  5. Slightly_Afraid

    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    Thank you very very much for this. Very altruistic of you, and I'm sorry that it did not flush out this elusive "Kit". Nonetheless, you are a gent.
  6. Slightly_Afraid

    Glastonbury 2011 Audio

    Thank you very much for this. I hope it is not taking liberties, but when I downloaded the file it was very very quiet, so I have upped the volume by ten decibels and, well, here is the result:
  7. Slightly_Afraid

    Morrissey cd singles box-sets

    Hi y'all. Just thought I'd pimp out my eBay pages. Got the 88-91 and 91-95 box-sets at a low reserve. Item numbers: 250420526977 and 250420534380 cheers :D
  8. Slightly_Afraid

    Best Bootleg Quotes!

    Can't remember the name of the bootleg, but one of the Oye Esteban shows in Argentina, he comes on stage and says "We've just flown in from your favourite place - Chile! You do love Chile, don't you?....You don't love Chile". That whole show is hilarious, actually. Think he finishes saying...
  9. Slightly_Afraid

    Years of Refusal Has Leaked

    Hi...I'm usually moderately tech-savvy, I guess, but no amount of search engine-ing or checking torrent sites is turning this one up for me :confused: Anyone kind care to PM me a link? I'll love you for an hour at least .
  10. Slightly_Afraid


    I read her first book "Goodnight Steve McQueen". It was just harmless fluff really; quite entertaining. What do they call it? "Chick-Lit". Y'know - enjoyable but not gonna set the world alight. She was hot though! Don't have a clue what she looks like now, mind...
  11. Slightly_Afraid


    Thank you :D Yeah, The It Girl is so one of my favourite albums...Thank god I didn't lose that as well. You're very kind for posting this. Many thanks.
  12. Slightly_Afraid


    Hi...Just a request, really. Lost a load of old CDs lately and one of them was "Smart" by Sleeper, which I love! Can't find another copy anywhere. If anybody could be kind enough to upload it, I'd be very grateful!
  13. Slightly_Afraid

    The Smoking Popes

    Smoking Popes request Anyone got You'll Never Walk Alone? I lost it when my PC crashed :( Anyone who is kind enough to post it gets my thanks and love :D
  14. Slightly_Afraid

    Your Favourite Bootleg

    Well, I thought it would be nice to start a thread wherein everyone posts their favourite Morrissey or Smiths bootleg and tells everyone why it's their favourite. Here's my choice: an above-average audience recording from the South American leg of the Oye Esteban tour, from Buenos Aires 2000. I...
  15. Slightly_Afraid

    [BT] Morrissey/Kristeen Young - Ann Arbor, MI - 5-14-07

    If you download and install Azuerus (just google that word and you should find a version to install pretty easily), you then join up to the torrent site, and right click on the torrent you want to install. Instead of choosing "Save file to disc" as you would with a Megaupload type file, you...
  16. Slightly_Afraid

    [BT] Morrissey/Kristeen Young - Ann Arbor, MI - 5-14-07

    Big thanks, Aron41! I've just joined up to that torrent site and my download speed's going okay...Hope the quality of the recording's good, but even if it isn't, thanks big time for your efforts. For anyone that's a bit flummoxed by this whole bit-torrent thing: don't be. Just download a...
  17. Slightly_Afraid

    Rate Your Moz/Smiths Song Part 5: ALL THE LAZY DYKES

    I can't believe all the hatred for this song! Someone once even described it as sounding like a Kill Uncle b-side! I think it's beautiful, and my second favourite from Quarry (after Jesus). It's understated, and the singing is beautiful.
  18. Slightly_Afraid

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 16: AT LAST I AM BORN

    Love ROTT, but along with IJWTSTBH, I can't stand this song. I appreciate that they're trying something different with the music, but it just annoys the shit out of me. Mind you, it's taken me three years to start liking "I'm Not Sorry" from YATQ, so you never know, this might eventually grow on...
  19. Slightly_Afraid

    Which Morrissey songs have the best bass line?

    The "walking" bass on the Hatful version of This Charming Man is great! Don't really like that song that much, but what a bass-line! Love the repeated bass-line on Swallow On My Neck, as well. It's easier to make out on the live version...
  20. Slightly_Afraid

    Req: 6 rare smiths songs

    Thank you!! That's easily the best version of Shakespeare's Sister I've ever heard :D
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