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  1. Kylie

    10 More Questions

    1. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? A Scientist 2. Who, besides Morrissey, is your favorite musical artist? Patrick Wolf, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Stuart Murdoch, Trent Reznor 3. What did you have for dinner last night? taquitos and salsa 4. What are...
  2. Kylie

    10 Questions

    for sure it's what I had for lunch :thumb:
  3. Kylie

    10 Questions

    1. In Which City Were You Born? montclair, CA 2. Morrissey or The Smiths? The Smiths 3. Your Last Dinner Would Be...? pesto noodles and tofu won tons 4. Best Childhood Memory (Ages 0-16) playing in this tree with my friends down the street until the people who owned the tree yelled...
  4. Kylie

    What was his condition caused by?

    not to mention vegetarian options have increased over the years
  5. Kylie

    What was his condition caused by?

    I actually remember reading somewhere where he said that he loves fruits and things and it's actually very easy for him to eat all that i think the crisps and chocolate was more during the smiths
  6. Kylie

    What was his condition caused by?

    this thread shifted pretty fast everyone shouldn't assume the worst or that he's overdosing, swine flu or whatever could have been something as simple as passing out, you don't eat a lot, you're tired and you over exert yourself a bit and pass out, and they put you on oxygen and take you...
  7. Kylie

    Pomona, CA (and Gibson) presale

    I guess I'm not going..:( lame
  8. Kylie

    Do you have Smiths/Mozposters on your wall (and other?)

    Re: Do you have Smiths/Mozposters on your wall( and other?) i have this on the wall at the head of my bed and one of him in a gold shirt above my bed, can't find a picture and don't feel like taking one and then i have a bunch of magazine cutouts on mirror with other bands and a...
  9. Kylie

    Pomona, CA (and Gibson) presale

    there are balcony seats and you can buy vip seats which comes with cocktail service which i think(and am hoping) it's why it's 99 but this is a bummer, i was hoping for around 45 for pomona like when I saw him LA and i don't have a job so I ave to ask my grandpa as a christmas present... :(
  10. Kylie

    Kerry katona anyone have anything to say about her
  11. Kylie

    thanks, it realyl describes their music for me the best :)

    thanks, it realyl describes their music for me the best :)
  12. Kylie

    Moz tattoo

    Re: Moz tatoo got this yesterday for 18th birthday on the inside of my wrist
  13. Kylie

    Franz Ferdinand

    I liked the lucid dreams they released before the album better and I like demo of Can't Stop Feeling more than the one they re did for the album
  14. Kylie

    Franz Ferdinand

    I happen to really love Tonight. What She Came For, Turn It On, No You Girls, are all brilliant. I like the others as well, those are just my favorite. Bands hardly ever "top" their first record, because it was the first and its just the feel of a first record, it's special I can honestly...
  15. Kylie

    world tour, u.s. release announced!!!!!

    is there a reason he's avoiding California.
  16. Kylie

    morrisseys friends

  17. Kylie

    Obama Won!!

    oh thank god theirs hope
  18. Kylie

    Obama Won!!

    uhhhg i'm gunna have to kick some ass at school tomorrow
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