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    funeral thread!

    keep them coming, the only thing is i have got to find the tracks on my cd's and listen very carefully to the lyrics
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    funeral thread!

    o yes i am very morbid and cruel.. but forward planning hey
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    funeral thread!

    I am sure I spotted a while back a thread about what morrissey/smiths song would you choose to play at a funeral, but I cant find it now, i have searched and put in the word funeral but no specific thread realting to it came up.. is there one?? or does one need starting? I got to have...
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    moz on canvas

    you did your own canvas? what a good idea. hmmmm maybe I can replicate my canvas ( that i paid xx for) and make a copy for my sis and for my bro
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    moz on canvas

    thanks for helping me to get it on here prac. it's actually about 3' x 2' in size and is going up in my hall for all the world ( well my visitors) to see..x
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    moved thread

    why move me over? why have i been moved over to market place? i am not sellling or owt, just wanted to tell you my news
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    moz on canvas

    i have taken the pic am just trying to figure out how to get it on here anyone got an e.mail addy that i can send it to then they can post it as i am not sure how to get it on here!! duh
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    moz on canvas

    i will asap- just taken a photo of it now
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    moz on canvas

    sorry for the 'news' title but it wouldn't let me just post a title as usual there is a a shop where we live that sells paintings, canvas's, etc etc and my brother went past it the other day and phoned me to say that he thought he had seen a picture of Morrissey in there as he was driving...
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    A better way to sell the tour?

    Here, Bloody, here!!! totally agree that it should be easier to get tickets and they should go to the right people first before rip off artists that buy just for the sake of selling on at inflated prices!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Orange pre-sale

    I need three for liverpool ( i would rather of had manchester apollo but hey) anyway it would only reserve 2!! its me and my sis and bro and so cant leave anyone out.. i believe it is a seated venue so if i got someone to get the extra tickets we would be away from each other and i will...
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    Orange pre-sale

    Rachel how did you reserve for liverpool???????? tell please
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    quicker link to Scotland pre-sale

    Re: quicker link to pre-sale Likewise for Liverpool or anywhere else oop norf! (Got Mcr tix but being greedy and want to go others!) please please please......... i haven't got Mcr tix so please please please x
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    Apollo ticket sham

    I would sit, stand, cartwheel, sell my soul to the devil etc etc to get to see him in Manchester.......... my next option is Liverpool and the tickets go on sale tomorrow but what's the bet they are all sold out all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Morrissey To Tour Europe This Year - Album Out In The Autumn

    i am going to europe in may but i cant see moz playing in kefalonia!!
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    How Often Do Radios In Your Country/City Play Morrissey/The Smiths?

    i agree- radio 2 often plays morrissey/smiths. jeremy Vine is a huge fan and has got one as his opening theme..
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    What songs are you obsessed with at the moment?

    still ill come back to camden big mouth there's a light that never goes out girl afraid on and on and on and on.................
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    It’s download week

    aaahh help!! dont know how to do it!!! 1 go on site 2 click on download 3 type morissey into search now what.....??????????????}}}}} yeh thanks for the help, i have done it
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