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  1. iamkali

    Morrissey's Morning Routine...?

    What do you think he does and how long does it take him to get dressed?
  2. iamkali

    Chat Passwords

    My forum password is different from my chat password. Let's all not get our knickers in a twist. ;) How does one change the chat password if it differs from your forum password? Thanks.
  3. iamkali

    Fringe(Bangs) Help

    I've had bangs all of my life, and they're getting a BIT too long. I know not to trim them when they're wet, but should one shampoo and dry first and THEN trim them? Or trim them when they haven't been washed in a day? Thanks :)
  4. iamkali


    This is wrong I have gotten rid of the previous post because it was NOT written by me and the cast of characters is getting meaner and more vile. My sincerest apologies to all very unfortunately involved. I will NOT stand for this behavior in the future. Laugh if you want, but I will not...
  5. iamkali

    Did You Know...?

    That when you go to vote, you are not allowed to wear a politically favored t-shirt- like, you can't go in wearing an Obama 08' -t-shirt. Maybe it protects the voters from fighting about who's going to be President? Bad blood? I've never heard anything like it. But it was on "Meet The Press" or...
  6. iamkali

    Earthshattering, this is not...

    Ok. After the trolls hacked my various accounts, I had to change my user name from iamkali62 to just plain ol' iamkali. I had a lot of friends on my iamkali62 site and if anyone who was on my friend's list and would like to join me back at the new address, please do! Thank you. :)
  7. iamkali

    Just wanted to let you know...

    Due to some difficulty remembering passwords, I have changed my user name to iamkali instead of iamkali62. (the site wouldn't let me have my old user name back.) So, how do I get all of my friends back that were on the iamkali62 account? I can remember some of them, but not all. Anyway, this was...
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