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  1. nightingale+therose

    ''Panic On The Streets'' book

    Whoohoo!!! :) Just received my copy of the Panic On The Streets book today, I didn't get the original version, so good to get an updated copy. Only had a quick skim through but it looks good,.. great quality of paper and pictures too. Did anybody else get a copy of the new book? What do you...
  2. nightingale+therose

    Thanks to kindly Moz fans

    Just been thinking that during this tour i've had loads of anonymous and known Moz fans to thank for kind deeds. Just thought i'd give other folk the chance to thank their anonymous friends in this thread.:thumb:
  3. nightingale+therose

    London & Manchester merged??

    Hi there Yesterday I posted a thread in general discussion about Morrissey related sites in LONDON as I am going there next week and wanted to know if any sites detailed in the 'Panic On The Streets' book were no longer there. I had great difficulty finding this thread again :confused: as...
  4. nightingale+therose

    London Morrissey sites info

    I'm going to London next week and have my copy of 'Panic On The Streets' by Phill Gatenby to guide me on my Moz trail.:thumb: Just wondering if anyone has been to any of the places listed in the book recently, and found that they are not there anymore:eek:.... I'm planning to go to a few of the...
  5. nightingale+therose

    People's Manifesto - the creation of Mozday?

    Comedian-activist Mark Thomas is trying to create a[email protected]+0+rid0000p0000byxv"]People's Manifesto[/URL] and has asked folk to send in suggestions for policies with which to govern the UK...
  6. nightingale+therose

    John Shuttleworth Tour

    Just thought you'd like to know that the dates are now confirmed for John Shuttleworth's forthcoming tour. A Man With No More Rolls, is playing at lots of super venues (see below), and tickets are available NOW. A Man With No More Rolls Tour 2010/11 October 27th York City Screen 0871...
  7. nightingale+therose

    The business of assisted suicide...

    Just thought this article was quite interesting and pragmatic about a subject that often stirs emotional responses. Dignitas boss: Healthy should have right to die Ludwig Minelli, the head of Dignitas, is 77. A trained lawyer, he founded the assisted suicide organisation 12 years ago. The...
  8. nightingale+therose

    Windscreen wiper water linked to Legionnaires’ disease

    Windscreen Wiper Water Linked to Legionnaires’ disease According to the Health Protection Agency, the wiper water used for windscreens may be the cause of Legionnaires’ disease in 20% of cases in England and Wales:eek:. They say that the stagnant, warm water is a place where Legionella...
  9. nightingale+therose

    new iphone 4

    i wonder if Moz will join the techno revolution and acquire a new iphone... i know i want one!:p they're gorgeous! Anybody else?:D
  10. nightingale+therose

    Mick Karn has advanced stages of cancer (Japan, Dali's Car)

    Mick Karn who has played in some of the most innovative pop bands of the 80's (Japan, Dali's Car) has been diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer. Mick is currently in a positive mood and undergoing further tests and treatment. His family and friends are close with him, supporting him in...
  11. nightingale+therose

    Animal noises in tunes?

    CHALLENGE!! Name a song which includes an animal noise in the tune!!:p
  12. nightingale+therose

    Alan Sillitoe (author Sat Night, Sun Morn) dies aged 82

    ... the ghost of Ghostie posts... Alan Sillitoe dies aged 82. Author of kitchen sink dramas Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner dies in hospital. The Nottingham-born writer, whose novels marked him out as one of the Angry Young Men of British...
  13. nightingale+therose

    The art of 'the subtle put-down'

    Some people can say something off the cuff that makes you feel all warm and cosy.... untill you read the subtext. The art of getting away with disparaging comments is subtle... if you're a practicing artist, please share your skills. I'm no master so I'll begin with a plagerised example: Many...
  14. nightingale+therose

    Spinechillers: Goths...ooooh spooky!

    This is a on off 'spinechiller' shown by the BBC a few years ago.:p The conversations "Are you a goth", "No, more of an industrialist!" are hillarious.:lbf: Anyway, enjoy this, it's mighty funny! ;) (sponsored by The Fields of The Nephilim & Bauhaus me thinks!:squiffy:) part 1 part...
  15. nightingale+therose

    Sisters of Mercy 5CD set. F&L&A, Floodland, Vision Thing, Some Girls, A Slight Case

    THE SISTERS OF MERCY have re-issued five of their best selling and critically acclaimed albums (this is a quote - not my opinion) in a single 5CD set - "Original Album Series". "A Slight Case of Overbombing", "Some Girls Wander by Mistake", "First and Last and Always", "Floodland" and...
  16. nightingale+therose

    Share your great quotes from exceptional films

    Go on, go on, go on, share your favourite quotes and catchphrases from films and TV programmes..... you know you want to...
  17. nightingale+therose

    Morrissey replacement? *gulps*

    Just thinking aloud - thought the question merits debate....anyway, the question is: when Morrissey returns to his life of solitude or shuffles off this mortal coil... do you think his band will/should continue (in which ever guise or lineup is recognisable as a Morrissey lineup)...
  18. nightingale+therose

    post a joke

    post a joke.... go on...:thumb:
  19. nightingale+therose

    What's your favourite funny song?

    What's your favourite comedy/funny song? doesn't have to be deliberately comedic:p Go on, tell me;) you know you want to.....
  20. nightingale+therose

    Are vegetarians/vegans dying out?

    Mr Nightingale came up with a theory (after watching a Richard Dawkins programme) that vegeratianism will die out due to natural selection.:mad: Upon asking me to name my top 10 vegetarians, he calculated that only 20% of them are procreating and deduced that we would all die out within a few...
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