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  1. libertine99

    Beatsteaks (German punk band) cover "Girlfriend In A Coma"

    well known german punk band the beatsteaks cover girlfriend in a coma, posted by band in january 2016
  2. libertine99

    Vienna 24/10/2014

    sorry no thread, suedehead in vienna!
  3. libertine99

    vienna rumour oct

    there are vague rumours of a vienna (austria) show in late october...
  4. libertine99

    miami meetup

    sorry, probably this thread belongs to everywhere but here, please, whoever is admin, feel free to move, but since im already in miami for sunday: if anyone is up for a beer on south beach today/ tomorrow, feel free to tell me, as far as i can tell, miami is ready and waiting for big bad moz
  5. libertine99

    for a laugh

    just to let you know - this is a web-tool that we are using at work (its used by about hundred employees to ship oracle-database-files, rather technical) just to let you know: art has no limits - such things exist ;)
  6. libertine99


    imnot sure this was ever posted, but german singer "Farin Urlaub" did avideo a few years back, that features pictures of morrissey, and uses a riff similar to what difference (also the text is something like "our days were dark and we listened to the smiths")...
  7. libertine99

    once again, a song I wrote in moz and joy division style (at least I tried)

    once again, I tried to write a song, my "premisse" was, to make it sound like a bona-drag morrissey song, also a few bits stolen, as usual.... I also mixed a little bit of joy division style in. not finishes yet (keyboard, lyrics, guitar overdubs missing) what do you think? terrible? UPDATE...
  8. libertine99

    and: vienna.......

    rumour has it.
  9. libertine99

    Scott Matthew and Spencer Cobrin play "Lost"

    Scotty played a wonderful rendition of "Lost" yesterday in vienna, and had very kind words for M, as usual........ (I once asked him what he thinks about him, he answered: "Love", which I found quite special and lovely) It was originally written by Spence, he's supporting on guitar...
  10. libertine99


    hm, sorry - i already posted a few earlier verisons of this song, so, sorry if i got on anyones nerves with this whole thing :( this is definitely the last post for this one song that i wrote in honor of morrissey (=ive stolen a few things, maybe you notice) mind, i cannot sing. thanks for...
  11. libertine99

    a morrissey-hommage

    just recorded a demo of a song, and stole a few ideas from the smiths of course, if anyone, at all, would give it a listen, (a bit stolen from ask, the overall production should sound a bit smiths (but isnt too much) im happy about your opinion on it
  12. libertine99

    libertines cover

    right in time for the reunion: some silly cover, I made years ago: (oh, please ignore my accent. its austrian...)
  13. libertine99

    those things I dreamt of

    if anyone of you is really bored, mabye you would listen to some song I wrote very cheesy, for my gf, the lyrics are not very interesting, she wrote this as a poem when we broke up, and I put it in a song... but I am proud of the music, and - of course - always try to make it morrissey-style...
  14. libertine99

    Public image limited

    what do you think about the reunion? I always liked Lydon, in fact he was my hero when I was a dumb teenager (much like Morrissey is now that Im a dumb 20something) Ive always seen similarities between them, a lot of common ideas, although: Lydon is the not so subtle loud and a little...
  15. libertine99

    tour size / cancellations

    i dont know about his previous tours in details, but with about 120 dates, 2009 must be one of his biggest tours? btw: with all those people complaining: of those 120 dates, he cancelled not even 20, so I dont think that such a bad rate, is it?
  16. libertine99

    your own bands?

    im not sure, most probably a thread like this already exists? didnt know where to put it -> any of you solo-writers have your own bands? if so, I would be interested to hear those songs (I think, since we all are influenced by M, it would be at least interesting) my new band is the...
  17. libertine99

    scott matthew about morrissey

    Scott Matthew about Morrissey: (austrian radio-station) (Click on the player with "The Smiths" on this site) I also talked to him once about Morrissey When I first saw him life (more by accident), he reminded me of Morrissey Later I asked him what he...
  18. libertine99

    Tour - progress / form so far

    what do you think of the tour so far? By looking at the videos, I think, this tour is already much more interesting then the previous two! Hes in great shape physically, and he seems to get thinner by the day also he seems to enjoy the shows...
  19. libertine99

    influences/borrowing from smiths-songs

    i need advice, i need advice: as we all know, morrissey borrows a bit here and there, and it sounds totally ok, as he makes it his own, uses it in different context, or makes twists on words, etc so, since Im playing around with a song, that uses bits of both, "Satan rejected my soul" and...
  20. libertine99

    some morrissey-covers

    hullo, sorry, im new here, hope thats the right section for this ^^ just if anyone's interested - a few covers Ive made (with a stupid drum-computer) (also I tried a "Morrissey-by-numbers"-song (You must die), I more or less failed though :) cheers, flo
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