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  1. viva pffft.

    Morrissey themed valentines

    For those special sweetie's out there. I made way too many of these, but they were really fun to make. I thought maybe some of you might enjoy. :o I linked to the tiny versions, you can see/download/reblog the larger versions of the cards on my tumblr. I didn't want to direct link the original...
  2. viva pffft.

    Burger King admits it has been selling beef burgers & whoppers containing horsemeat

    I live in the US, so I'm not sure this applies to the US Burger Kings, but if you live in the UK and eat there...Aldi and Tesco, too. :sick:
  3. viva pffft.

    Years of Refusal Vinyl On Sale

    Hey, not sure if this is the right place, but I was on Amazon earlier and they have the YOR vinyl on sale for pretty cheap for 8 bucks. And the CD is only 4. Thought I'd share in case anyone was interested...
  4. viva pffft.

    Morrissey actually has a bleeding ulcer; tour to resume Feb. 9 in Las Vegas - BrooklynVegan

    UPDATE Jan. 29: Joe sends the link: Grapevine: Morrissey checks out of Royal Oak hospital - The Detroit News Excerpt: British singer Morrissey has been released from a Metro Detroit hospital and is expected to make a full recovery, his publicist said on Monday. According to publicist Lauren...
  5. viva pffft.

    Alice in Wonderland trailer debut at Comic-Con

    If the video doesn't work... And more information/pictures here...
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