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  1. Smith Division

    The Airborne Toxic Event invades the UK

    This LA band is a really great live band, so any of you UK solo people get off your collective arses and go see them. Sat Nov 1 - Derby - The Royal Sun Nov 2 - York - Fibbers Mon Nov 3 - Birmingham - Academy Tue Nov 4 - London, UK - Dublin Castle Wed Nov 5 - Northampton - Roadmenders...
  2. Smith Division

    Chicago Tribute to Icons: Smiths, Joy Division, DM, and Cure

    There will be a mini LA thing going on tonight in Chicago with tribute bands covering the Smiths, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and the Cure. Terraforma does the Smiths, Echonine does DM, Perfect Kiss does the Cure, and Mr. Gray does Joy Division. Cobra Lounge, 235 North Halsted Street, Chicago...
  3. Smith Division

    Can you be a Morrissey/Smiths fan AND be wealthy?

    I need your input on a "debate" I was having with another Morrissey/Smith fan the other night. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to bring this to this forum, but I thought all of you might help settle this dispute. POINT: He said that if you are wealthy, drive nice cars, live on the right...
  4. Smith Division

    Control-Bio Movie on Ian Curtis/Joy Division

    I understand this movie is to be released in the States on October 10th. It had great reviews at Cannes and I am looking forward to seeing this film on an incredible band and frontman. I can only imagine what this band could have been if Ian was around long enough. What would the Smiths be if...
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