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  1. marilyn manson

    Morrissey feautured in the ".encyclopedia dramatica"

    :D just found this yesterday. i lol'd at some parts: some stuff there is really funny, i finally met the drama llama. dot dive to much into the site anyway, it has some really disgusting stuff.
  2. marilyn manson

    Interpol-new video

    The Heinrich Maneuver directed by E. Elias Merhige, who made the 1991 masterpiece "begotten" and also worked with manson on the creation of the cryptorchid video, with scenes from the film. share your opinion
  3. marilyn manson

    Morrissey acting i just have to say: O_o by the wayyyy, the smiths were featured on Q. thats how i found the video. filthy article and good photos. i never knew johnny marr almost died in a car accident while listening to shoplifters demo.
  4. marilyn manson

    Eat me Drink me

    1. If I Was Your Vampire 2. Putting Holes In Happiness 3. The Red Carpet Grave 4. They Said That Hell’s Not Hot 5. Just A Car Crash Away 6. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) 7. Evidence 8. Are You The Rabbit ? 9. Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form Of Flattery 10...
  5. marilyn manson


    I was looking at a disgusting book, called "terry world" it was a collection of photos of some really cheap bad taste pornstar. the most shocking part? when i got to the last pages, guess who was there? MORRISSEY standing with an elegant suit like always, holding a statue. it...
  6. marilyn manson

    So yeah...

    pretty much i guess you can see im not that fond anymore of certain guy who is at a mid life crisis, is already wrinkled, used to have an elvis like hair and is rumored to be gay. so dissapointed--- im glad hes not my god, what a terrible religion. why cant he just drop...
  7. marilyn manson


    why if morrissey is your super idol and you love him sooooo much... when it's time to leave a comment on his cant say anything else but a miserable "thanks for the add"?
  8. marilyn manson


    why the hell didn't i get informed on morrissey's private poliforum concert?? i would have attended, and since security was looking weak, i could have jumped onstage. BUT NO it all had to be a secret, a big big secret if the people there are not crew, and real fans, i bet they knew...
  9. marilyn manson

    does anybody know....

    what morrissey thinks about elvis costello??
  10. marilyn manson

    oh noo!!!!

    dita divorced manson!! noooo!!!!!! and today is manson's birthday!
  11. marilyn manson

    Marilyn Manson As A Painter if you have never seen M M's paintings, go there, you uninformed bitch
  12. marilyn manson

    my own morrissey singles

    im going to have the entire morrissey and smiths single collection very soon. how?? im going to print all the covers, fit them into the jewel cd cases, im going to buy alot of cds and transfer the songs into them they will be unique only pressing in the entire world!!
  13. marilyn manson

    morrissey in mexico

    im getting extremly anxious when the hell are we mexcians going to be told yes or no about this concert??? i mean, its not a rumor, but there aren t any dates announced and november is not that far away when???????!!!!!!!!!
  14. marilyn manson

    My Band Is The Best Of The Whole Wide World we are gonn abe huge note: the song you hear is a cover vertion of one of our songs, originla material to be added soon
  15. marilyn manson

    Wicked Shit

    you bitches wanna see soem very twisted, evil and sick cartoons? this are done is flash animation, at first they are raw, then very fun, and the cartoon style gives you a good laugh there are toons about grannys getting raped, the milkman having him and his wife raped by...
  16. marilyn manson

    morrissey and foamy

    morrissey is featured in this episode: "the beginers guide to becoming a hermit bitch" check out other episodes, its cool yo
  17. marilyn manson

    we are not retarded bitch

    f***ing asshole ted nuget his music sucks i was watching "supergroup" and this bitch said "hutning is perfect" "those who opose to it are simply retarded" i got new for you: you are retarded, in fact you are a f***ing old asshole i hate it when people treat animals this...
  18. marilyn manson

    V V V V

    officially on sale today: you must get it now!!!! why?? theres 2 reasons why its mandatory to buy this film 1. because its the best 2006 movie damnit!! 2. because elton says so!!
  19. marilyn manson

    Be Afraid!!!! This Thing Is Creepy!!!! And It Bites!!!!

    may i intriduce you to the evil, iraq, big and did i say evil before? camel spider: here you have one eating a lizard: damn, im not usually scared by spiders, but this bitch is scary. now, this is the truth, it dosnt run fast, it...
  20. marilyn manson

    The David Bowie appreciation thread

    David Bowie i have the complete bowie discography, and i hadnt played them on a very looong time. so, today, i descided to give them a look, to sit down and let the tunes flow. one word: f***ING AMAZING!!!!! oooops, 2 words! well, the composition is beautiful, and bowie's voice...
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