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  1. majic_johnson

    Morrissey Statement Re: The Norway Massacre -

    Morrissey statement - 29 July 2011 MORRISSEY STATEMENT The recent killings in Norway were horrific. As usual in such cases, the media give the killer exactly what he wants: worldwide fame. We aren't told the names of the people who were killed - almost as if they are not...
  2. majic_johnson

    True-to-you Morrissey Statement 29th July. Re: The Norway Massacre.

    Apologies if this has already been posted: 29 July 2011 MORRISSEY STATEMENT The recent killings in Norway were horrific. As usual in such cases, the media give the killer exactly what he wants: worldwide fame. We aren't told the names of the people who were killed - almost as if they...
  3. majic_johnson

    Leeds o2 academy 3 tickets wanted.

    Hello, If anybody has at least 3 tickets available for sale could you pm me please. Don't paticularly want to venture in the murky waters of ebay :( If it's the odd one you've got spare that'd be welcome as i could try and do a 'collect all 3!' method of trying to get the ticks...
  4. majic_johnson

    2011 Tour Merchandise?

    Hello, What has people seen for sale from the first two dates then? I've heard there is a 'f*** fur' tee on sale. I'm off to the Bradford gig (& hopefully Leeds) so i like to have an idea of what i'd want to buy before i go. Thanks, Dan
  5. majic_johnson

    Chances of Morrissey playing 'Driving Your Girlfriend Home' on the upcoming tour?

    Recently came across this song again after a good year or so and fell instantly back in love with it - anybody else hold it close to their...? I for one would love to see him roll this out once more live, chances slightly more raised now he's seemingly reviewing his past work, no?
  6. majic_johnson

    All You Need Is My Video - Boz's T-shirt

    Hey Soloers.. Does anyone know where i can buy a replica of Boz's t-shirt on the 'All You Need Is Me' Video. I think it's cool as :cool: Sorry if this has been posted before.. also i didn't know which sub-forum to post this so mods place where fit.. Thanks x
  7. majic_johnson

    Smiths DVD offer in the Independent, just pay for p&p

    Just picked up the independant today with them offering 'Queen is dead: classic album under review' free apart from the postage which is £1.99
  8. majic_johnson

    Morrissey & Poetry

    Does anyone know if Morrissey has ever stated in an interview whether he would ever consider writing poetry for publication or prose?
  9. majic_johnson

    Minidisc's Morrissey/Smiths?

    Hi, i can't think for the life of me whether or not i've already asked this question. but is their any Morrissey or Smiths minidiscs that have been released ever? I bought a Sony minidisc player -mint- from a carboot today for £3 for my minidiscs and ive been wondering... Yes, before anyone...
  10. majic_johnson

    Original Southpaw Grammar Printing Error?

    Hello again fellow solo-ers. i was putting my Moz cd's in a nice cd rack and noticed that my copy of Southpaw Grammer's (not the reissue) spine where it says southpaw grammar, is not facing the right way up, so when i put my cd's case upright in the rack, every other cd is displaying the spine's...
  11. majic_johnson

    Top 100 smiths Record Collector

    Hi people, searched the forums but all the links didnt work no more, could anyone put up or send me a link so i could have a look at the list record collector compiled in 2003 was it? of the top 100 smith collectables, i've been meaning to buy this magazine off of ebay for a while now but just...
  12. majic_johnson

    Tips on removing price stickers on vinyl sleeves?

    Hi people, does anyone have any tips on how to remove price stickers off of vinyl sleeves. I recieved 'Dagenham Dave' off of Mozgirl today - Fantastic condition - and there is the price sticker from 1995 still on the sleeve, i attempted to remove it but it felt like it was going to give way some...
  13. majic_johnson

    Sandie Shaw Versions Of HiG, Idoya & J

    Sorry for the anagrams. Could anyone please send me a link to download the Sandie shaw versions of them songs pleasee, preferably in the highest quality they can conjure. I searched in the search engine for them but couldnt find a tuppence, maybe kewpie knows if there's been any requests here? Ty x
  14. majic_johnson

    Cassettes Wanted Moz/Smiths

    Hi people, im looking for a bundle of Smiths/Moz cassettes to help me on my way to collection them. If anyone has any for sale then please could you message me stating details, condition, and price. I hvent much money at the moment so im not looking for stuff over a tenners worth at the moment...
  15. majic_johnson

    Framing my signed YOR vinyl...

    Not sure if this should be in the collectors corner but... I want to get my YOR signed vinyl professionally framed but i have two questions: Would the vinyl get warped or damaged in time being up on a wall framed? Would the sleeve get damaged? How much would the framing cost as a ball...
  16. majic_johnson

    Golden lights

    sorry if this has already been posted a million times but... is it just me who loves the smiths cover of golden lights? theres something about it i like. anyone with me? or am i to be embarressed by the slaughter of disgust :(
  17. majic_johnson

    Is there any fanzines still going?

    Hello people. Just wondering if any Moz fanzines are still running nowadays? I know the internet has took other for news and stuff but having a physical copy of something is always nice.
  18. majic_johnson

    Official Morrissey T-shirt 'Manchester' Tour 2009 - Size Small For Trade

    Hello i bought the 'manchester' morrissey t-shirt from the merch table when i went to see him on may 23rd, i bought small but sadly i am not as fit as i used to be and it is too small:( Condition is as new, worn once to try it on! , willing to trade for Smiths/Morrissey items. PM me for...
  19. majic_johnson

    List of Items Morrissey Dissaproves of?

    Hello there, and please forgive my ignorance to the knowledge of what re-issues and compliations that Morrissey has displayed dissaproval? Thankyou for any info given. Regards...
  20. majic_johnson

    Sandie Shaw - Hand In Glove 12"

    Hello fellow collectors. Does anybody have the 'Sandie Shaw - Hand In Glove 12 inch' for sale or trade? In Mint or Excellent condition. I love the sandie shaw versions of Jeane + I Don't Owe You Anything and have been wanting it on 12" for a while. Please PM me with details. Thankyou.
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