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    Smiths tribute playing 80s festival in Dallas this weekend (with Cure/Joy Division as well)

    Smiths Tribute Part Of 80s Festival In Dallas Lost 80s Live Festival In Dallas Five tribute bands for cheap. Panic-The Smiths Le Cure-The Cure With Or Without U2-U2 Warsaw-Joy Division The Carz-The Cars Gas Monkey Live is the venue. Groupon discounted tickets are available until Wednesday...
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    saturday 10.24.15

    Tulsa Oklahoma The Vanguard Panic (a tribute to The Smiths) is playing along with Cure and Velvet Underground tributes. 222 N Main. Be there.
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    Dallas free show with smiths tribute and britpop djs
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    Second show at Eventim Apollo Hammersmith

    Boxers Let The Right One Slip In You'll Be Gone Are these right?
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    Please upload

    The Will Never Marry huggers version so I can download it. Thanks kindly.
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    Nashville so far

    Rose Garden Suedehead Alma Matters Staircase Ganglord Speedway World Peace Kiss Me A Lot Paris Stop Me Voice sounds strong 3/4 full Not real talkative
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    How accurate is the start time been?

    Nashville says 8P. No opener right? Little help from people following the tour please
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    Panic (A Tribute To Morrissey/The Smiths) June 13 in Dallas
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    Favorite solo albums in order?

    It's always been interesting to me how people love or loathe a few of the solo records. The usual suspects are usually at the top but then it's up for grabs for most. So, with that said, what is your order? Just proper albums, no compilations. 1. Your Arsenal 2. Vauxhall And I 3. Viva Hate 4...
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    Smiths and cure tributes playing in dallas together

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    Vulgar Picture Site

    Is it done for? Hasn't been updated with releases since 2010.
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    Dallas, Texas Tribute Band (February 28th)

    Crown and Harp on Lowest Greenville 6 dollars Panic (A Smiths and Moz tribute) is playing at 10PM Info here
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    Best Boots List?

    Been awhile since this has been done. What is your favorite bootleg from each tour (silver cd preferred)
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    Noel Coward Live Snippet

    What shows on the Ringleader tour did he start with "If Love Were All?"
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    Dallas Fans! A Tribute To Morrissey/Smiths Is Happening Next Month
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    Oklahoma Moz/Smiths/Mode Fans

    Panic (a Smiths/Moz tribute) are playing The Vanguard in Tulsa on 2/14 with Ishi who are doing a set of Depeche Mode songs.
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    Morrissey Tribute In Dallas This Weekend

    Panic (the Dallas tribute to Moz/Smiths) is playing Saturday December 6th at Club Dada in Dallas. Info below.
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    Moz/Smiths and Cure Tributes this Saturday in Dallas

    This Saturday, Sept 6, Panic (Smiths and Moz tribute) and Le Cure (The Cure tribute) are playing Granada Theater. Show starts at 8:45. Each band plays for 80 minutes with Panic going on first. Advance tickets are here.
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    With "Vauxhall And I", Morrissey found room to breathe - The A. V. Club Music Roundtable

    With Vauxhall And I, Morrissey found room to breathe - The A. V. Club Music Roundtable By Josh Modell, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, David Anthony & Annie Zaleski
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