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    Years of Refusal Signed LP

    I have a #1 signed record with #stamp on back of sleeve, signed on front of course. I am looking to sell it as well as a signed poster framed...Send me an offer, you just never know....
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    Very rare Italian Jukebox Ask and???

    I thought I would offer these up here before I put them on ebay as some of you know I am about to move since I was screwed over by my boss and I am just trying to get money to live for the next couple of weeks till I start my new job. Italian Ask Jukebox 7 in backed with Sergio Caputo and...
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    Morrissey's shirt and Signed Ticket on ebay
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    Morrisseys tshirt English Martyrs

    would anyone be interested in owning a full shirt? send me a pm if interested....
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    Gary Day playing on The More I See

    wow! Great bassline!
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    Moz on AOL

    bored and looking at the main screen on AOL and what do I see, a pic of M pops up and this...
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    R.I.P. Andy Demize

    The Psychobilly world lost a great drummer and friend yesterday... Andy the drummer for The Nekromantix was a huge fan of Morrissey and one of the best guys I have ever met...
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    Moz and Girl In A Coma in Movement mag Moz mentioned in a bunch of articles
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    Pics from Melbourne???

    anybody got any?
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    I know very well how I got my note wrong

    I have a copy of this 7 inch in very good condition, if you would like to buy it before I out it on ebay please let me know...
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    Gary Day DJ Tour

    September 21 San Fran @ Beauty Bar 22 L.A. @ Crash Mansion 27 Orlando @ Backbooth 28 Ft Pierce @ Stage East 30 Gainsville @ Dirty Nellys it is possible that Miami will be on the 29th...
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    Gaz U.S. Dates

    21 Sept SF CA 22 Sept LA CA 23 Sept TBA 27 Sept Orlando FL 28 Sept Ft Pierce FL 29 Sept TBA
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    selling my collection

    I have decided to part with my Moz collection...lots of things including peepholism, and various books...a bunch of vinyl 12 inch and 7 inch a signed ticketstub by Moz,Boz Al, and Spike...aftershow passes...etc...
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    Moz w David Bowie Subway Poster

    I have a framed subway sized tour poster from the ill fated touring with Bowie shows... it is basically the cover for Boy Racer... I was considering selling it and was wondering if anyone wanted to make an offer...I have never seen another one for sale and have had many people tell me it is very...
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    Pics of band in Moz Krew Shirts

    I am looking for a good pic of the band in Moz Krew shirts from the encore on saturday...or video of the encore would be nice as well...
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