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    Morrissey can't bloody act! :D
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    Boz Boorer: cool for 'cats: return of the rockabilly guys
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    Morrissey didnt buy the James Dean watch
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    Morrissey: Maudlin Treats From Beyond The Hits

    Article in The Quietus today:
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    Peepholism for sale

    Friend of mine selling her copy, asked me to post it here
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    How thrilling it must be for Doll and the Kicks

    Was looking at their twitter a while ago and they've posted up pictures of the Albert Hall, including one of the four of them posing under the sign. Made me think about how amazing this year must have been for them. Could they ever have imagined being in...
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    Last night (12th Oct) Morrissey was in LA

    The Cat and Fiddle. For all you LA bods. :)
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    Remember the Coupland interview 2006?

    Well Coupland finally comes clean and tells us why it was so shit. This is hilarious! I'd actually never interviewed anyone before. With Morrissey, there was this shocking amount...
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    Boz in The Guardian 7th Aug 09 about his rockabilly days
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    Andrew Collins and Morrissey

    The old Morrissey vs the NME spat has reared it's head over at his website. A couple of days ago The Guardian wrote an article about comedians trying to offend. One of their targets was Richard herring who takes on the persona of a racist in his act in order to make anti-racist points...
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    Comic strip about Morrissey - weird A bit too obsessive! :sick:
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    Morrissey's cancelled publishing deal

    All about why that book of lyrics never happened
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    Boz and Alain included in AV Clubs "19 unjustly unheralded sidemen",28556/?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=feeds&utm_source=avclub_rss_daily 4. Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte, Morrissey’s band After taking a failed stab at new wave stardom as a member of the glam-rockabilly act The...
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    Supporting Morrissey

    Were people aware that Doll and the Kicks driver was writing a blog? And here's an interview with Girl in a Coma including stuff about touring with Moz
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    Pageant of his bleeding heart preview Sounds quite interesting, could well be the best book written about Morrissey if this is anything to go by.
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    Alain Whyte article
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    Who wrote the bio on Lost Highway?

    My vote is Moz himself
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    Morrissey on Wossy 13th Feb

    Morrissey is booked for the Jonathan Ross show early March. Jonathan also went to see Doll and the Kicks tonight. He liked them.
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    Old Alain Whyte interview

    Never seen this before
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