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  1. The Spirit of '69

    pitiful Suede request

    I'm attempting to put my collection of Suede b-sides into some sort of coherent order, and seem to be lacking the early b-side 'Dolly'. If any kind soul could help me out I'd be pathetically grateful.. :)
  2. The Spirit of '69

    'Our Frank' Video Request

    If any kind soul out there could supply me with a link to a downloadable version of the notoriously elusive 'Our Frank' video, I would be very grateful. I'd like to use it to illustrate a talk I'm giving at the Morrissey Symposium at Limerick later this month.
  3. The Spirit of '69

    Peter Wyngarde

    Just in case any of you good people fancy hearing Peter Wyngarde's 'interesting' track 'Rape' (Morrissey gave Jonathan Ross the album, apparently), here it is: The 70s were a very different time.. :o
  4. The Spirit of '69

    Madstock Enquiry

    I'm currently writing an article on Morrissey and his relationship with the skinhead movement, and an important part of it is going to be a look back at Morrissey's appearance at Madstock in Finsbury Park in August 1992. I wasn't there (though I did manage to get to Alexandra Palace in December...
  5. The Spirit of '69

    Nick Cave Conference - London, July 2008

    The University of Westminster will be hosting a one-day conference on Mr Cave on 5 July 2008. Details of speakers, etc., can be found here: Attendance is free, but places are limited, so if you're interested please e-mail the conference organiser, John...
  6. The Spirit of '69

    Request: 'How Soon is Now?' (extended)

    I have vague drunken recollections of hearing an 'extended' version of 'How Soon is Now?' several times at The Star & Garter (was it a 12"?). Assuming I'm not hallucinating, if anyone could post a link to it I'd offer the usual effusive thanks. :)
  7. The Spirit of '69

    Education Petition

    In my experience, most Morrissey fans tend to be intelligent, open-minded people who value learning and knowledge. That being the case, Brits among you may wish to follow this link to the Prime Minister's website: The British government, for purely...
  8. The Spirit of '69

    Shouting quietly for 'Shouting Quietly'

    If any kind soul could upload Bradford's album 'Shouting Quietly', featuring the original version of the rather lovely 'Skin Storm', they would receive the usual grovelling thanks and confirm my growing opinion that this forum is used by a set of thoroughly decent folks.
  9. The Spirit of '69

    I'm Playing Easy to Get.. please..

    I'd be quite pitifully grateful if any kind soul can post a link to 'Im Playing Easy to Get' (is there a 'just' in there?), since it's the only Moz song I don't have. I will reward you by saying nice things.
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