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    Der Spiegel audio file of Morrissey interview released

    Boring interview with someone that has nothing new to say, just the same old/same old + cliché false brexit arguments & seemingly alarming forgiveness towards sexual allegations.
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    Morrissey getting the key to the city of Tel-Aviv on Channel 2 News Israel (video)

    Why did Morrissey get the keys of the city? what did he do for it? just play there? Am I missing something? (no irony) Horrid sense of dressing by both of them though. Also I would think that this type of cerimony would be quite formal and not done in a corridor or something. It all seems so...
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    Statement from Morrissey on True To You

    I really don't understand why sometimes he does this kind of interviews with such an attitude. He's old enough to either not do them or eitherwise be at least polite during that hour. He just comes across as a spoilt brat which is a pity. Sometimes he seems to have ran out of ideas. He used...
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    Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning?

    Thank you :) I meant the part that he apparently sings "there's no way, no way" according to that link :)
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    Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning?

    can anyone tell me what does he say (if in fact he says anything at all) right at the ending of the song when he's singing what may resemble the shouts for help of the girl? like starting at 3:10 Thank you
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    favorite Morrissey music video

    Glamorous Glue. It looks good, professional and he's in his best era in my opinion. Close seconds would be The More You Ignore Me(...) and Tomorrow
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    2 Brixton tickets for sale, Standing 22 july, (initially for the 30th of May)

    initially for the 30th of May, selling these face value. 2 Brixton tickets Standing for the 22nd of July Morrissey gig. Unfortunately won't be in London on the new dates, so I'm gonna miss them. Please PM me if interested. Thank you
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    Looks like Years will only be in the top 75 for 4 weeks.

    does this surprise anyone? It's a weak album with very weak lyrics, his strongest point. Not hard to guess the result.
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    Years of Refusal Has Leaked

    The album is sounding really great to me, which surprises me a lot. I disliked YATQ and ROTT from the beginning but this one sounds excellent, although the lyrics could be better (and why re-release songs like all you need is me and THPGU??...)..
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    Moz at The Pigalle Club: Years of Refusal lyrics scans

    Re: Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo' maybe I'm being too harsh on this one but I still dont like it. Why make a Michael's Bones 2?
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    Moz at The Pigalle Club: Years of Refusal lyrics scans

    Re: Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo' too bad to be true. It's not even just plain, it's cheesy and embarrassing. "Carol" "I was born in 1975" "When I said good bye to Carol"... ???
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    Moz at The Pigalle Club: Years of Refusal lyrics scans

    Re: Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo' thank you for posting this. unfortunately I find these lyrics very plain and weak, perhaps on level with Ringleaders. alas..
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    Morrissey on Janice Long this week

    Morrissey is always so rude to her and not funny. His interviews are getting so boring
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    Moz/Nevin's finest moment?

    Musically I think "I know it's gonna happen someday" is just genious. Those samples and everything, must be a genious to come up with that combination. I love them all though
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    New album cover

    i trully hope this wont be the album cover. I'd rather have Maladjusted. This one is tasteless and so tacky.
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    Morrissey's demands list for Israel concert

    Apparently it's not only pee that asparagus makes smell funny
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    New single STUDIO version - mp3 Exclusive, listen NOW (2 minutes)

    It says "Sorry, the free service is at full capacity. " what should i do? :O
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    It is NOT all sold out London

    i ordered saturday tickets via this link and it worked fine, at least so far.
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    It is NOT all sold out London

    I ended up ordering as well, seems to have worked fine
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    It is NOT all sold out London

    why does it have "bjork" written in that link?
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